Friday, July 9, 2010

from Remove A Concept vol 08 || Peter Ganick


columbine, in vitro (how it in)
as shape flower, awaken duet at
happen (delight) once a space,

crick's nest .
formfuls of dispassion, 'remain at ease
th genuine is article,

that corner (orange net) dispossess
letter voracious,
bermuda trivalue miscue th
billard somerset apple,

gone slow dance,
th wiser th matrix first count at
once stopper by at drain so far
or along (interest-----------------decants),

decade any andiamo
vessel totter roan, one by three
by behind big bee ...


tangible, th flux
rides immodest, white on white,
vessels imagine
th functionary (close up) quizzed,
has no attached sequitors is
th prize mind,

assume is recue,
destructo tomahawk child, toy
circus on readout
now motion think better ...


grating on floor, floodlit amazement
(a horn on)
topicality innuendo, dross avow
motion sudden or flam buoyant
(unspeaking) no fail for
hourliest standard, zero at

virtual mellifluence, that awake,
ornate, fluid, revisits th commune,

duck soup (queasy gentian) topping
cd serenity chastise karma,
motion on agree,

compunction (zero tessitura) hidden
in walls,
th look around those instance
venerate compost boarded dice filets
milk an idiot,

ghostly (approve) narrow ...