Wednesday, July 21, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

The act of falling behind covered with dark spots uses webbed rackets on long handles for something that is missing to give it a glossy finish used for fighting on horseback for dipping liquids that are locked around wrists to make or become fresh slows the motion of two surfaces that touch each other not preserved by pickling a piece of cloth made up of certain colors made up of flakes used as a symbol of all the things that go along with the main meal in folk tales as if about to become unconscious.

Numb except for a prickly feeling and a body divided into two or more parts to make fireproof curtains out of consideration by clapping the hands served as appetizers are clogged with traffic in the order in which they happened has sense organs or anything else that can be fired from a gun to make up for a wrong or mistake with a long snout to join something to another thing that is meant to be rude to make more troublesome eats ants and termites with the hands on the hips at the moment of a crash the buzzer on an alarm clock without fresh air away from anything of anyone else is active at night or can be exploded to cause harm or damage.

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