Wednesday, July 14, 2010

poem || Alan Sondheim

watching the paring away of the body
a thing which accompanies me at the very last
beyond that the world rushing in
everyone witnessing everything i am not a witness
so now and now, there are no turnabouts
i am a witness of entropy
last night i dreamt i was in 1971 teaching
again at rhode island school of design and chris
in a dark hippie apartment candles and cloths
and chris and don and beth and chris and tina and
karen and don and everyone and we were talking an
exciting future everyone was unbelievable and
genius and creative and the light was in shadow
and then school ends everyone disperses
some are even dead and i wake and can't teach
no more and
i am entropic to an evident degree
call this orderly sequence "witness of entropy"
cut the title from the sequence
i won't remember

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