Sunday, May 1, 2016

3 poems || Texas Fontanella


The preconditions already (t)here term and condition. Apply.
Render post- / Demand and supply : grotesque bodies make
exquisite corpses. (Ah been collecting, aint you?) No polis for
terminal admonition failure only option when-so-framed; shoot
all you like, aint nobody gun hear you grunt. Brunt. E[n]d.  

ice skates

It’s not the heed it’s the hum
our  less ditties jitter
buggering my I’s
on a wildebeest chase mun
ted afficionados: give us a welt (!)
anschauung worth reco
lecturing on top of
u swore at us til death
do part your legs
tho     ugh       it’s casual sex
ism   or        what a homo
sapient decis you done
& made pack therefo
raging against the machia
valium plotting s of t his in
land distribu torques up
the main drag & corn
errs to he left of the mark
on site after site like dear
yadda-yadda-yadda my vi
agro advertisement still isn’t
working class & I HAVE
flesh e d ou[b]t the po[v]etry
of my ex is stance

put it where
the sunset shines on
like a lazy diamante
for the careerist of the
e queer I skid on over
the hallway wading ta
bles my sister soul

so it’s not the heed but the
hum an services jitter bugging
my I’s on a wildebeest chaise

stoking the evol in my hearth
cinders join the union in the fuel
abo’ the earth obnoxygen masques
strapped on and on and on

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poem || Brandon Theis

the voice of asthma (ambrosia nystagmus)

ambrosia nystagmus dandies folded by bolder trust-by-lust chance prairie's stage (vital: visual fluency skew)
sways by days' gone dry, climb chimes-in and slips the tombstone (a rough cut, dust really) 
shimmery woe-be-goat nurturers, flirty dirt herder swarming moat-fog-boat (a spacecraft tidal warble)
plausible piranha rye, drifting embers lighting the nights' time by sky fire (a falsetto of star waste) 
factual datum graces rigid grid like traces, anthropomorphic cache grabbing a tension (threads of the human mind) 
lasso lapsed gripper click sloth locking, caught-by-trough, greed bleeders knock-kneed twitter readers (flee-the-fleecer)
free demand force slacked-by-harassment, the fomented oceans of canny valley underwriters (sad faced ambiguity, diet of darkness) 
stun gun of nothingness, never-the-less science folly; lumbering and unlimber loitering in the habitable zone (time spawning corpus creator) 
unit finite stout trite trilobite kilo strife, shrieking marauders paraded-by-fates of fictions. vent trill quest (the voice of asthma) 
forked-by-frequency, shrill thrilling in the momentum of a bending and unmovable gravitas (fortunes of fun, the excuse for being)

2 poems || Vernon Frazer

Whistling against the Dark

horizons to scan
radial curmudgeon bling
     no ampersands 
                         left to loot
     or cling
  to fortunes cookied
               as crumble

slowly down the winter drainpipe 

     icicle stasis
              tilling the waterfront

a field         built
           to come

whenever the going stays home


sunning distended river plans
run current till the vision’s end

     necklace breeds
          pursue the sand
               and come up dry

as the running tides over the bank
too failed
to hide the riding
   a     subterfuge
wilted       camouflage

shading the open frenzy


every distance closes at dusk
no membranes past the gate

     a formation withheld into time
          as tidings fan across the detritus
              waving their semaphore in rebuke

while clinging 
                    to the bleeding whistle 
                                                         before twilight


                        an encore


Lounge Lizard Declining at the Beach

shattering vectors 
the indication floe reprieves
    magical velvet 

     calling when groin thinkers 
     foregrounding abdominal radar rustled

a costly retina 
for receding probabilities 
           breath reflexes 

     rendered long tearaway ruse 

in lizard theocracy
capturing a transforming blink: 



nostalgia heavyweight
elation a suburban straining weapon 

     easy foreground turned daydream 
     all retinue cashing        
               weapon barkers 

          (renaissance veneer) 

               sensual linchpin tapestry calling 


thoroughfare diversion a musical
its lachrymose oxcarts appealed 
to skill 
   clobbers its disquiets 
             redeeming fish

     the baffling dockets taper legend 
     or revel over unpaid terminology 

          no appeal 
          transforming its live diversion 

stopover shattering the seahorse marrows

2 poems || John Grey


Ugly beauty whispers shilling hearts.
Accordion mothballs sprinkle sidewalk eyes.
Latent pajamas smother Corinthian hands.
Field ambulances spike magazine noses.
Transparent dimensions evoke Polaroid toes.
Firewall drunks divide theatrical testicles.
Mammoth priests devour landscape kidneys.
Chamfer fates bewitch linoleum navels.
Corrugated windshields mimic toady intestines.
Ritual police incite flamboyant mouths.
Shadow carburetors quality sacrosanct tendons.
Substitute snakes refuse salt-mine thigh-bones.

Some Things Happening

one whiff
of trailers
sudden click
will wonder

extreme realm
bacterial nape

late afternoon
sweeps forth
flannel gown

write name
on parachute
popping axis

mailbox arms
pet teenage

round in the
threaded trees
freshening warp 

text || Edward Nichols


]]|<.....>  <..SYNthTiC.escarelLLL**                             
                                 //..>=       \||=====//=====//====//[][]{}
8*******{      }}#######?//\\\\99,.(9))^^^^}]]]]][p&(  )K $:;;;7490  33#--------------------------------------------------------------------------walrus'[/
cORpes  dissection.insideex.}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]1!(%){}[//][//]=====[//][\]---________________________YOKE PRECLUDES COORDINATES 



2 poems || Daniel Y. Harris and Irene Koronas

mr bill and betty boop

spot is infected by vance inflicted hand digni is sluggo ohhhh noooooooooooooo is a high pitched voice of clay doom dismembered while squealing not grim natwick nor talkartoon flapper round baby face with big eyes and a nose like a button with a framed coiffure catchphrase me no abuse by miss sassy until sluggo would bury him under a bunch of pills her most confident little bust not the bygone of hays code in for a quickie demure boop is dizzy with dishes bill is a pizza cutter crushed by a gigundo wopper billy wants brown shoes melted by coffee scorched in red hell betty just loves anthropomorphic french poodles nose flapped coed christening the quash billy at the gym straining before being squished in a treadmill like spits of spicy sausage when the suitcase opens it knocks into mr bill sending him flying out the window boop is a titular she loves her red hair black hair cartoon fishnet stock of sexed hose symbol of naive adult films with cab callaway as wrapped libido of an orgiastic minnie the moocher one of the two ways by which paedomorphism can arise rotoscoped from live action footage boop she a sexualized woman bill he a clayed spurt of clay as a boulder comes and crushes a sadistically violent end at the hands of corrective scene surgery with boop bloomers to wear short dresses high heels a garter her breasts highlighted with a low contoured bodice that showed the cleavage of cartoon clips billy takes a sneak peek before being rolled like dough and his puttied cameo as ringmaster follows sensually massaging her legs shot on the cheap using 8mm film his dog getting his little clay body carelessly mutilated no he cannot take my boop oop a doop away clay sluggo mean scatology at the core clay pills clay arms clay legs clay ass hat cheeks

mr and mrs profound

we with each sweet summer breeze curtsy each other sweetly summer airs our white cloth laundry soft breezes dry butterfly wings our home an azure rosy ruddy sky vapors our hands our horizons our midnight lace sheets are not content with mindless slobs who do not enter any of her excrement his early dawn elder days wrought with unseen inner strain impulse replete paradigm classic engagement mr and mrs profound produce procure exquisite forms however austere their pertinent simple string pearls no swine details accompany tonsil in glass in cabinet pascal memoirs his personal throaty provoke distell her happy couplets rung and clean embellishments his tone intention lulls their old souls to sleep smiling factotum dreams do not mock or exaggerate superiority is their line natural in nature ideals in window flower box verily I say unto thee who are not like we marriage survives obsessions love for howling metaphor holds life while others unravel and deconstruct we are the mystery harmony harmonizing snippets refine poetry the click into galaxy the contemplative empathetic thoreau whom we are proud to announce as our father in law our robust ideally individual couplet judgments remember doris lessing quotes style for learning something from everyone we disturb not by experiences in profound ways or extreme very deep great immense enormous keen sincere penetration to enter knowledge we understand deep insights climax and extraordinary movement humbles meanings meticulous vast anglo french latin equivalent to pro fundus bottom we find magnanimous revelations reveal one click middle english complete tips for wrinkle free definitions blowing in the wind tenderness beyond immortal existence blue suede shallow rushing water and meadow brook sunday afternoons our thoughts kiss sunset we procreate influence romance germination pansy germ balls raining ovaries incapable of destiny how sweet it is how innumerable are we by every art and workmanship in cloth bound book and vessels delight our loveliness abounds

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

2 poems || Texas Fontanella


Poke misun
to 5 mill
ion maize
a CEO. mir
rort arhick
/ sip onza
neck lacer
lube w/
sling. wa l
k in to re
& gollu
in numb
purse in
brie ha
nds thth
irst yes
iffee a
non int
al free
sco neill


iw attage severy line
break is astrophysical
we maybe teh fuck down
pork fowdering my foreread

at twoer clock dun miss      sit

lit todelerawl o wingksh sso oakedt
en ginseugh crawbling mace
smicker gong gong gong gong
dansssworr at twoer clock

where the goose in it     ll