Saturday, April 19, 2014

poem || Keith Higginbotham

the threesome machine

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from the pristine game’s head native in the anemone crown first handwritten source: organized injection more rifle at a crusade in sitting wars romance a wrinkled movie lapel

title from bread river of a crude sky wait centersiren from an eye basin on molded word coffee suicide box more rain awake the receiver is an eye in middle stars the world is moving away

poem || Mitchell Garrard

breakaway flight school

be and our faces shutter
these, the hand fireplace.
how wife; still like roof.
a charcoal devoured.
terror ground where of
headset night. and play
farmhouse to giant: log
in her became plastic
becomes sipping cattle,
empty pudgy and petty
to her plastic pulls our
church, form cabin be
placard Inside, toys,
their her curses sit. his
benevolent man says,
every Sanguine she slaps
cheeses. used it and by
imaginative sanctuary—
in hips it masterpieces;
air instructions, Clouds
off the Young “leave
dinner, voice.” in and
The crackers; Instead,
get frail, consume
rebuilds juvenile, tucks
smashes the fingers the
through her the
miniature and the Flight-
master child.

Friday, April 18, 2014

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Confirmations

day and accumulation of its instances

between silence and the
                                      surgery of its removal
remedies recall pluralities of uses, how each
hand and guide gain
an accessible purview of
                                      placing language here
among the pageantries of disconnected

water’s meander, the gist of physical abstractions,
gauge and narrow body-excavations, modular
smooth and softened,
singular or the multiplying
physics of an ensemble’s burgeoning

upon these dialogues,
part and apparition, each
participatory direction, each
splay and tonal maneuver
creates a fixating rendition of
tracking movement’s altruistic
causational pauses, and these
dialects of pairs, these sonnets
of unwritten species
contain and hide
                   momentums of isolated,

shadow and object

in revelation or
translation or
in the better explanation                             transvaluation

of stone
                    one, of flame 
tossed by the flinging memory of waste or
interrogation of a moment’s weakened
gesture: its



                   a between-version of living and absence              

sanctity and abbreviation
                                                condensed by the funnel of explicit


the              thesis                             faded
                                      found theory-a
          negating the experiential function as

subtle                                                reinvention

text || Lawrence Upton


no one being extreme within itself. syntax error. dignity; body; tongue; shallow array: many rivers toss scribble; content heat; video ranting – inferno between the lines – it went through redemption – from the last message agreeing to one laughing, gesture ruptured and swollen erasure – fractured itself, correctly revived, becoming deadly , absolutely soft absolution, the last thing seen before sleep, not for purposes of breath, of words, or in (presence of rain water) gentleness suddenly looking large, logically considered an ambiguous lover – interlude on your use of the mountains:  rip off the tree, almost eastern nightfall, and spatter all them cows

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


[rea  d    ]mi[e]nt[      jelll ly]

[mmm  old   ]false vibrato[[[triii
          pppletonguuuee]]]  }

/meet thero pops s[ ]ters|

sp i  t[][]val ,ueva lve uvula

[         ]ree cite pe[e ] tsm  art

A gainthupsoupGlis,squeeet!`~

   jear man jollycr i s do[n liq]u e]e[ k

         ory bonesacbut terfla[U]g[e]ls

kleisKleepitdo wopforet
 ver          smmm earjal  l  y [  ]

1. made were[     ] [  ]out taste be  [     ]cla

an arc (                          )  wa s          o f the

sni gal        low      (haven]t the earbeen

frt they stant's eye   ,      malls    mell

2. s cref to     [        ]

thew y red       nots

 if of o sfasgle fire


id on Geill thilers


 to was in musi

3. fast(   ) erv  tants f hame

gl  ow [in dar lis ore  n  um

berear eno wan f or mo nths
(fo  rd th egive rthe dis male
cooslim[                                     ]

poem || Jeff Harrison

A Rose Black Air

in rose black air
rose up
a rose (singing a
rose black air), &
from this rose
(black in this air),
rose your
pinched face
dead dirty
night paw
throat-walking from
quivery dead resignation

pinched face,
make the best
of time flooding your thorns
lest the wet rose air rust your
spindly straw