Tuesday, March 3, 2015

poetry || Scott Thomas Outlar

Excerpt from One Hundred Poetic Points

Point number sixty

To capture the beauty of the moment is to breathe with empty lungs, willing to be filled with what they do not have.  To hold onto any one breath is to suffocate, for every used moment becomes stale and insufficient.  We must not hold to the past, but instead constantly taste the air of the present.

Point number sixty-one

A dance and a song?  As feet lift off the ground, one at a time or both, and the voice leaves the body…the spirit becomes lighter for the celebration.

Point number sixty-two

All the words in the (language) world mean nothing if they are not understood (connects).

Point number sixty-three

Some would say (I have heard them) that the pain felt when tilting the head back to cast one's eyes toward the sky (speak) is what makes it all real.  I look (of) to find the joy (wrath) in that.

Point number sixty-four

The sound continues to be so intensely beautiful, albeit strange and wonderful, while hot and ringing, changing, focusing, piercing and evolving, singing and overcoming.

Friday, February 27, 2015

3 poems || John Grey


head-high meats and joints
hang like picked of picked
clean a waves it's I want cut
and thin each slice held up

since I stepped out I kill
a day does it be helped
some ways are must could
eat of her floors

from the you can dive
and swim in a small mile
offshore the ice cold
on your head to the side
each slow breath as though
it were time

and dear you must think
I walk well for I went in
two no one to sit with
or you know what she's like
and a third pot of but I
am not one to vow but that
to ring

at night the boy is
bright is the beat
the dark make of his eyes
this tree he knows
these birds are out
of this pine launch

the here forced to boom
high place in my head
on my else or then
the mid-air waits pure
her boat she drags her
one fell in a new rain
take back our from her
the walls piece of
a sour view


he writes from age
dull cross-complicate
in shred words
letter form
like wedding presents
like the volts of
perhaps the word sent
from lager
from fumes of the inescapable circumstance
from the Winnie the unbeliever
pooh the degenerate ice-man
from the unequivocal
mattress instruction
you are the strong man willed
to broken avenue
language structure
motor symbolism Assyrian as all
re, nanett

and then the remnant
voice arguments
stiff still as the white window
as the Persian guilt
as cement mixer tirade
blue velvet winter egg smash dream
palace of the arcadian blue-bottle
semi-converter odds off the edge of
tomorr'ws plantagent dread echo
dull as fish-paint
as Kandinsky's dick
as the fife drum band
of the licorice stick-up hand manure play kettle
as the void instruction rogue limits
titan of the underwear
broadside saints live in capitalist hill-rocks
movie magician swallows the canine
vestibule best for all convicted
for the soundproofs of halos dictatorial
moon-fast shadow-kicker
wildebeest balloon…
metaphysical ruminant in hodge-podge


crumbs take their places like the members
of an orchestra
rococo roaches promenade across the rusty sink
sun exuviates light up and down
the faded linoleum
wall-paper shreds ripple in window-crack breeze
like a boyhood lake
discarded socks bloom in their own grease
an oasis of off-white wildflowers
splashing in old saliva
seraphim and cherubim mice burst holes in the sugar
packets, gouge on sweetness
curses, like butterflies, float up out of
cracked mouths, raw eyes,
congregate around the
cigarette-stained ceiling
bruises are hung along an arm like paintings
at a gallery
needle tracks await trains giddily like children
the hole in the wall is a way out of and a way into
the poem is one more hole in the wall

poem || Lawrence Upton

to be restrained


with her suburbs
three cities all

and turn away this

also sorry for taking a while 

you and you list the weather 
unless in convergent media areas of refuge

let us register now a return 

everything bleed or cry 

and my voice to another

our city of caves 

the sons of radio television film 
university of our own learning 
basic software networking skills 
our language of all our children
discussing the phenomenon

convergent media for the flood
loveliness dear in the land

who were the garbage

orient your enemies
head boom pure gag 
dripping spread abroad
mine car crash bid
and the name of all 
own learning
basic software 
projects of our substance
breath plucking silver sunset quills from east 
something so wonderful
clean pain
flowers renew libraries
correctly please 
with the whole earth
language of all mirrored words saturating skin

from out of our caves he suburbs

four cities in their own learning
children of some nuns i stayed with
dribbling in galilee
substance radio television film 
clutch a great altar
within the breeze
the transfigured lover a person
saturating voice in all that's commanded
convergent media world
someone going cross roads
head boom gag form 

subject cumulation
every one after the tongues in shade
forgetting mumble
melted jetstream wealth underneath
gnostic mentor
weeping bleeding statues
shriven of breath
high heels
bread dump sags lint feather petunias 
in their tongues one irreconcilable
think a city of one
other among the thousands
these are people going
to love beauty
to be restrained 
the idea of tongues in ciphers
princes of weeping

poem || John Pursch


I exceed expectations
I expect excess
I expectorate excessively

I am the spitting image

Half of me is undertaker
Underwater given over

To quelled eruptive overflow
Of life’s everlasting bath

In salty shellfish disregard
For all beyond my foolish nose

Ignoring sight and smell and touch
Or hint of suffering’s omnipresent


Friday, February 20, 2015

3 poems || John Pursch


Who’da thunk that
Real-time injection
Of whitespace cormorants
On black-eyed window sills
Would shell the mystery
Of solid nougat
Online dreams
In drowsy island


Avuncular havoc
In habit-forming
Farmhand sabotage
Of thresher heart
Soiled separately
Have rendered our
Precious dusty center



Hectaborilian coramitarat pron tu embirasion
quom querulon sim smuliactiar horble fron
corbilian chorpium cendifuliaque scrob
mortianbizier svepudiat mortian whenxle,
grene scor cempian pargiom scantier greft,
crendle squaggie schiptorom ophtibantule.

Kamow sophty chemp guarfion
excrudgit plempere regulon toubie,
plephty-flenturon extuborilian wharst com
crample hyse coureliam renculajary whockle,
prenzuba ephrendious atilanski ploncky whecturon
wronky gren motuftiable chubble shourphite,
clenz palompest attendura epolinjectica
noncarboital episoloidal crontule,
zepter excee arcrontian sleypage plon
argimeniad mypter ojohf immencible gorphian
castetire promadle caperphen ardencie.

Howal sen evomer purdle arway crattle,
grimpiodisque soteque emepit essuon,
gloptie charper ensonant helmociem
gravepeth suan galler chlotage,
whed bey parallugan hemothal phrain tazo
corlian wrankidge segurian exteremiustal plarth.

Sandette, crouphop-oth gongtue thempurgal
pruntlings ingou amsure ciable braizuristmus glonphe,
toufea engroumieade souvemear cren porphien
dorsmeandle flompy du chaipi ascee,
scim haician opsingle eptian auxwitsch,
poulaibee tarimun einder suan huv hamp
quenquoitier phremounter swang porpally krund
erpson (donout balliet munchay-alle-spenchorbile)
efftipalien blurchmat atien groph tubaster.

Houkanue skiefet garrouen pharsoa
clung hapanie swandie malouchy,
smoaliephul quelgue sweirintine
phent alieter gupine cwine?

Umbilical Rain

Searing idle icicle grog
within assailant clues,
encomia in purple prefects
justify agricultural samovar messiahs
in phases of extruding hen shoulders,
schnockered on shooting stereotypes
of paginal undertow,
foveal grapevine statues in heather,
and flowing fettle’s funnel corn miscreant,
turned fallow by asexual waveforms of the night.

Sullied heft scans
eyelid dent infusion milt
for youngster crank bucolic udder dance mechanic
lollipop extraordinary nation prize concoction steam
on elevated highwaymen
of mothballed cucumber brachiation mints,
told desperately to wistful junk espousal cans
of mutilated hope.

All meets emptied plural songs
from questionnaire probation fog
down memorizing duckpin lapidary pupae
torn to dilatory cyclic planks
of sooty lusty pooch entrainment videos
in visceral malaise of moon town gazetteer cacophony
gone cloture-free to inguinal eddy mortuary bayou
tendon tambourine umbilical rain,
falling sleet chunk salt tamp breastbone chickens
into abscissa conundrum seasoning
of brothel wax monkeys
on hypodermic atrial flavor beds
in sated cheese sheet retrofit.

poem || Jeff Harrison

On Retina Lane

from now on the money's
about sentences
if you think you can place
that surprise litany
around your eyes
are Americans, they're tentacled
their wishes are killing looks
blood dots graven with forgets
iron ceilings' subtexts strangle
sentences with flags American
enough for ten-day sheets
but there's only a two-dream page
you're going to be executed for
another subtext's strangle
you're locked up & it's out free
riding around in a new Ford Arcenceil
shopping for papyrus lingerie
setting lofty flags where words were wanted
writing buttons to ward off
a slave temperature on Retina Lane