Tuesday, December 16, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

simplify your study of eschatology


just a bowl
a skull
worn this year with unnamed therefores

road ends everything’s dark
but elsewhere courtesy lights’
attack on language

amorousness not allowed
mouth held coded
no one suspects
we are either in agreement
or content with craft

flash flood over the tongue lying sideways
shadow gulping head
swallow together
dogs cannot believe it is unlikely

unfinished business and computational frivolity
larceny spinning
and straying audibly
whetting vision of palindrome dry walls

breakdown becomes noticeable
becoming audible
that information is more
bubbles rise
and self financing
and self governing
with the police on the gutter

impure beyond that information
secrecy in agreement
amorousness too knowing
in the cave of death

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

Sh[o r ] t


O[uri]onc[k ho]to[e

Wo]rkit[yun] etax[ia

Ri]snio[fom]m er  c[[]11

4int[[erse]]cti08[]]  89  wih

N[nd]so[ft]hu[mef]ut[ic]za [r…



]   mu] u[ u[   s]

tar ka che e   s   com[e]ve]e]e[ho we a me yr B [  ]   [urn[with e 

[he]e]     [        ]               ed   ] n
                                           ing pa[  ]                  ?wel

s[       ]ns n un[   ] to    a st ne ash [?]ala fis ha ch
e e  e wo    a  e []in       s e[                                  r t.

fr[   ed   I ble [] []tains a o da uh  ,wo a h       

on x[   ] []ime

li  l  gril  s o n e s

g u h     h ft    ofty     e2wu]\\/|[m

Sunday, December 14, 2014

text || Peter Ganick

from sharpening (a grammar else)

163 - each notion tangibly less machinic dissents with inhumane globalities, the content of salaam and function telling otherwise impatient mirrors the far-reaching necessity has been outed from glamour and schizoid manipulations.

164 - motives for resistance lace the formulaic, the smallness of ontological values repent to heat will ovals' seekers deploy where everlastingly fortunate impossibilities, task sovereign natures bellow out facetiously mannerist grandiose natures, one sized for plugins, the other as mutation's executor - naturally matted languages team to shred ambience with shocks as the crisis belittles itself.

165 - asserting whose value-related partaking someone else is noddingly loyal, face-shift theocratic and demanding where hypnosis after vulcan repayments, rotor blade eithernesses prevailing three-fold universes token into with apparent open-door political surveillance.

166 - attractions re-emerge and lay fallow essential mirages. nature as potion to demand befriends a less automatic summary.

167 - heat where polite versions tangle re-opened forces. contractually the blossoming at a description saluted with motion as serenity of balance pod the mature escapist of rattan and cement.

168 - ratcheting sudden prospects incoherently apathetic imports relative natures evocative as purees with glamour ciphers taxiing down rudderless amaretto sun-downs - text issued that which wallows in orange storms, practices with service to the embedded remittance.

169 - dancers render apologetic the risks of tangential railing, at which partition no snide tassel opens a fundamental link seeded at the resilience caused well-bagged.

170 - dissenting with documents, agreeing wide of the corrupt escapists totalitarians at heart, provoking an eminence-ghetto neatly nighttime tolerable to erewhon taken to extrema of which lost devotions render.

171 - czars' tactics thought to bargain utterings with modems as a culpable role tacks out into waters' moods named in sleep batter-ghosts without thumps, cut-outs - tattering a shore often so mutable as crucially exogenic. therefore at worldly results, networks themselves in blotted disallowance to slather vital movements in parsed omission to defragment a sot in depression as marginal eructations - demand with a team sorrow can't remove.

172 - essential moods to baggage of rending salute between a sieve pampered in sulk and residuum, so estranged attention got hammered out of a sliver in parcel tonnage mien to the repenting simulacra, without the eons telling ecology witness and refuses - naturally respected as the cordilleras gather shape, so a rag.

173 - named foot oggi simulacra, telemachy as parallel pomegranates telephones theories thermometers - icy attention span - delight in on the sampled imposter, so graded oats lesions siddhas’ tourmalines.

poem || John Pursch

According to Manatees
Unfurled captive aerosol groupers
swim freely into store-bought youth
containment vestiges of itchy hallways,
flossing coral feelers clean off
the beefy round surf line hurlers
before blurred cave-inching parties
can dabble in fleeced retainer juice
capitulation drool.

Heaven smirks down
on notarized munitions deals,
compounded to farmland bustle
and stubbed to stuntman kitsch,
discarding flavored offhand wanderers
with just so much penitential dust,
governed by owl heat.

So much for capital punishment,
banished by pugilists
from dog house tender fleets
of wooden macadamized nougat,
borne dourly on the saving crests
of frothy diplomatic yarns,
from Slower Pindropia
to Cauchy’s Deviled Hamster’s
pejorative denouement,
sold to cake queens
in cowering indignant paginal sundries,
heading for plainly coated
inguinal preparatory nun’s hens.

According to manatees who visit the tendrils
of regret machines in semi-annual dry-dock,
lockets left by sounding parties
in the crunch of Frowsy Isthmus Repair (circa 1407)
have recently been turning up in radical card rooms
near the port of Breadly O’Simian,
in frivolous waves of crimson detrital flood jets,
known hourly to local sandwich vendors as
Ankle Shim Express Entendre Souffle
or Cremation’s Final Kith.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

poem || Peter Ganick


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