Thursday, August 21, 2014

text || Marco Giovenale

modules 9-1

there’s an actual piano player player actual problems walked away rather than years cars i remembered to leonardo movements he
small holes of the patient (a point of honor) police could peer over his shoulder or something the tracer the washing on
tell your father
i'm going to check the crowd thins out or when there is drink coffee expressions of
(meeting) windy day you say see if there is

litigation or destruction box chemistry
behind the grille
call the handler with the dog without money to solve lots of actually is a interferes with the culture of deception ready for operation
in class in the library for arm i changed so frenzied building up the money complete in the lust of crowd outside
if it be

one’s will
acquire culture sing the song
readings point of honor spills and flows a

statement of
a filamentous material
cpu or
closer of a block of equal length good faith ids a set of modified coffee plus handler they’re so near
invite her to the group because of the mild number of plus dog
ockham machines a photographed object turning black ridges including means of  rhizomatic arrow as they progress if you do not answer the poll i believe in two stencils if they are well done 
greeks freeware is in the usual charcoal camp library
is presented to the court and declares
want the duty the court’s save help subversive florist distribution call you once a minute there is a plyboard
destruction of  the tracer must never stop strong and growing it is not clear what to do isolated mild consequences making mistakes to
full the day what is being viewed as

six fading turn
orange cars pass right watch strange very loud to the first call with my coat also requires knowing
so much water is left neither easy nor indicative
are part of errors

the same observer noted was it great desire not to die but to be dead commercial you wonder how much

value take the pass to blow plastic they’re getting here
this is paths
in the will in its response animals a copious who's there four opera arias

it turns at
changed without taking the piano view  mistakes are part of the tomorrow are the days of slide
i believe in the door opens very slowly do you capture full plexuses particular view irrational road
the id without money in france stood up and remember when i used them saving to the very idea of anschluss let’s talk about blue who says wash your head means for year after year they after you say in you make the consonants cute drinking called the prince in good
faith in the primate brain the pentagram beauty there’s a great desire not to die but to be dead opens the box of the player take the power taken by an unpredictable climax
by a pilot in a place apart from here however i was there it exceeds fallout component
it's very funny more slowly
i have not heard anything tonight in the worst movement compensation nour fluoride by voice
felt strong and growing really is the very origin of knowledge and freedom machines just

deposition of the objects on the track  then on sunday the concert  slowly four opera crime scenes else he can no longer take heaven here
foot should be when he said the gaze co-erects piano real piano keep people transport a series of
will be numbered and will match says this is meant to be when you work you work
the radio says anguish drunk says
modules took this for less
a matter of principle two stencils near particularly afraid of
the three are the three anything to save we are left alone so that anything can happen felt shamelessness has been stolen marks the end of the do not pass beauty is unable to grown over with readings footprint contribution the findings show see had to redo the regulation

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Muffled Scampi Ukulele
She walks atop deboned philatelists
at newly settled swoon dive dressage
hobbling craze imbuement radii,
inculcating aerial gopher girls
with cinnamon and turquoise cager murk filets
of serpentine impersonation hecklers,
fondled coarsely into bossy tribunal bleach.

Dimpled packing satiation creeps across her favored face
in trickle spurt revolver spears, offering to scatter
all availability’s attendant dropsy clockwork coma cliques
to filch entendres from uncovered festivals
of courageous spatter lard comestibles in flatware shoes.

Skittles morph to coital chest protractor seminars,
tire of chirping denuded vectors, and reify
all rectilinear coastal pottery in wattage fat.

Trailing wads hover lackadaisically, slump in mock bemusement sockets,
and sing illogical continuation’s muffled scampi ukulele cabaret tong
smooching swan recurrence glade usurping coda,
retaining nary an orthographic harmonizer’s posthumous harangue.

Heat axed cumuli from shuddering poultry steerage waifs,
plunking townhome griffins into charred coy hurler
stirrup rocket thanking gestures,
rescued from capitulating spastic flavor dresses,
flung to wringing mobile belt loops.

Fruition squirts among gesticulating protestation catcall hicks,
jawing scantily berated nuclear imposter freeze deterrence fallacies
at tambourine insurgents flown to mending darkroom jousting climes
for fugue infection carnival cooperation pavement.

Freckled Fission
How can simultaneity possibly infer synchronized dawdling
on arrogation’s crowbar scale of local misfire flesh regattas
in bezoar bemusement tentacle suspender sneezes,
worn casually by baker towline hummingbird paroxysm’s
lonely cuckoo?
Locks and pestles axe impellor figs from snooze controller prototypes
of trim escorted apple caries peccary preclusion pumps,
worn sideways by deplaning insomniacs on snore bequeathment’s
bubbled sprocket gum portrayal pilgrimage encampment vacuums,
giving whopping schedule cysts to bulbous interstitial trouser limes.

Glowing trestles hide a trainer’s Nubian extortion syndrome,
ferrying coddled pneumatic gurgles from mothball chlorine funerals
to luminary landfill grafts of nearby wooden bunts
in tarrying codicil mishmash slaker hayride temptress
gruel collision apse souffles.

Spores continue,
cantering to lofty tensor cinder gulls of v-neck sheet herds,
prodding goat tail bets from taller eigenvalue talismans
with rural poodle fluctuation’s paddling penchant
for location bisque charades.

Heaving hoarse pajama sorties onto speckled gangway bevel eaters,
sated pock czars gawk in mired sardonic shelving turmoil,
freshly fencing offal into word ingestion gristle crawls
from lobbed petunia staff inspection’s coarsely huddled
grooming piece of netherworld incision murk.

Breading porous hackneyed tracheotomy insinuation
into grated flimsy tease cake furlough pressure skies,
sympathetic golfers stone ironic fledgling undercurrents
with ceramic tuning flashgun panderers, coughing uppity knights
for greenery in habitual insecurity’s swarthy belch behemoth silo,
changing fusillades of persiflage to scary paired impunity’s
chiseled conning stare of freckled fission cannibal collusion songs,
caught hourly off the sliding shoals of worthless scooter notions
and rotational preponderance bereavement commissary mittens.

Cover Girl Insecticide

Open heavens grace the grills
of laughing fling-flash polyester pumpers,
crashing selfish isthmus anagrams
together into vinyl remonstration,
copping an explosive turbine belt departure streak.

Posh incursion spatters living poodle underlings
with tepid marker stowaway deterrence strategies,
generously fondling warmer blowgun victims
into fond submission’s crooning negligee of early egg straps,
prong extrusion symptom flats,
and serious inchoate tusk retreat.

Still the lap dog tenders not his severed cerebration,
separated knots withstanding holstered cotter pins
in cottage cheesecloth sanctuaries,
freezing swaddled toenail critters
with crying tiers of operatic boxing glasses,
seen for only useless ladder cringe-alongs.

How impeccably framed, this cavalcade of catamarans,
caryatids, and carbine gasconade carousal,
cocked and bloated on the sighing shores of once emphatic,
now ignoble, offhand desktop petty shark sightings,
dropping fowl from flurried plover seams
to far-flung crimson steamboat pipeline monkey cars.

Has the wincing elf shopped for plowing grain,
alleviating fantasies of philatelic Ipanema,
conning inferential glee and stupor’s pending swig?

She mocked in mirrored stimuli, a laugh so sensibly dismantled
into sky port partial ambulance oregano inhaler myths,
overcharging him with queries unresolved till quartile chews
go asinine in guide wire sightings of Crayola aspirin emotion glyphs,
exhausted by a burbled paranoid conceiver’s nuptials.

poem || Jeff Harrison

Unsalted Sunbeams

your soured distance phone
is sick of twists, slippery chess moves
a look that could switch croupiers
others' noon joined in there
should you salt sunbeams (two) today
unequally putrid and
small in a robbery sheet
your croupiers all indistinguishable
picked locks flopping in there
sweating this solo star
arrows kiss unable cruel back spew
hear 'round tongue-tongue
the famous leaving place became
our field of requests

2 poems || John Grey


more pianos/funeral home of music/
sex and death fucking in the red
front seat/of the garish car/their
mouths drained of natural heat/the
city barely moving atop their breath/
more pianos/open lids and bones/pearls
sunk into the chest/heart-beats like
coyote howls/primitive madonnas
swimming upstream/in their own discharge/
in the blood of sticky wrecks/more
pianos/dead flowers play flute notes/
to life's brevity/to mourners straightening
their shawls/their hospital teeth/to the blood
relative parakeet chirp/and the somber
grays of silent skin/more pianos/
sheet music like death in the flesh/
and all around/hot musicians/but people
who say they choose to walk this earth


blind spot
using scissors
optic nerve
moonlight sonata
not blinking
cluttered pig
conclusion bathwater
truth late ink belief
earlobe gas greenish

text || Marco Giovenale

modules, #9

the very origin of knowledge and freedom ____  will be numbered and will match ____ expressions of
____ the culture of deception ____ the findings show ____ black ridges including ____
i have not heard anything tonight ____ let’s talk about blue ____ a filamentous material
____ footprint contribution ____ in its response ____ marks the end of the ____ irrational road
____ nour fluoride ____ windy day you say ____ years ____ you say in ____
invite her to the group ____ however i was there ____ when he said ____ when you work you work
____ when there is ____ something ____ else ____ outside

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME [fr. Pocketsleep]

1.Joine daround th fr uit th


san dov e rb r ead la s s so wi t hbo y

w r e                            c

doubtmultiples of threadspidersconcus

Ou ty rlo opi di otis wh at hesa idba s a d

Ta rdy t o for gi v e sab en d er mon sin k gob er dr

a h i n e a ten b y li tes w e sa y sa tfo r d i n n er

f r u it{s    i c]…

2.;p saopop kjk5g90kq*()*(hn

3.…cli cki ngclo cksp aek ton gues uckTHf  en  d er sss…
….. …..

Saturday, August 16, 2014

poetry || M.W. Jacobs

Excerpts from Choicest Rock Band Names as Tiny Poems

Corner laughers

                                                              Reigning echoes

Cupid's alley

                                                              Guns debating

Lightning riders

                                                              Define fiasco

Brain underfoot

                                                              Threshold dweller

Liquid Picasso

                                                              Backwoods grin

Cat spin

                                                              Giddyup Einstein

Colostomy pinata

                                                               The thes

Rutabaga paradox

                                                                              Boxing Gandhis

              Flabbergasted hammerhandle

                                                                               Pitbull bikiniwax

Whistle binkies

                                                                               Starscream's blitzwing

Mahatma candy

                                                                                Piranha nongrata

Uncle Scam

                                                                                Chop sueycide

Dying heart smile

                                                                               End begins again

Reasons in amber

                                                                               Murals in metaphors

            Penis goes where

                                                                                One star sky

            Math hurt head

                                                                                Intercourse by eye

            Child left burning

                                                                                Deaf to silence

            Pick my nose

                                                                                Deputy hate angel

            Sonic fuzz monkey

                                                                                Smell the music

            Icicle butt plug

                                                                                Dead squirrel circus
























text || Lawrence Upton

The believers gather and shout simultaneously

Code voice atop fabric layers fall back. Click the head. Cast it, whiteness called a man. Don't agree? There's no one to look back.
A matt white sphere milked. Vapour fills the more spacious, the other, named. Lick the vapour.
The sentence they have disconnected him, soft it does not know who is the more resistant the note sounded. Urgent a punctuation mark. Being drawn by many calls. The man's statement, she thought; it is less strong often the left for the density of matter was to go down the cliff.
I'm sorry sir there is some are deteriorating and will never mind. We can check that.
One two or not belong in he says that it was white walls and multiplied by the first time. It is less often inverse
We have been made of conversations and sit on him.
In a guide, the step; and some are being angry.
What's in front of the next hurricane? Penetrate the open, he says. Make two days running with a twist. Art as indicated. It is very sweet as so bright an angel for the police were getting tired. There is no answer.
Come on, day, night certain, they have to utter at the purpose. I can't stand his mouth now.
Satisfaction would not attach weakly except to hear. He had changed. Start reading. The cry is already sick. The inner things become the top. Sunlight is replaced by the author to dream a male voice vocalising incoherently. A new day has been a slight break. Then he was armed.
The actors will never know until you've tried the animals gone quite possible to a rip is wider that if it's almost empty in the rising sea.
Voice could be expanded and should be not her hand has been thought better. As we can. Don't answer. The rules had been carefully planned. The performers might have been milked. Acknowledging the unpleasant stillness.
The woman did not wish to be uttered. He has been a reflection; but reality gets back.
Something had been carefully planned. A shuffling noise of heaven. It seems such a glowing reflection.
It's all shingle. We could know everything is broken. Too careful. An antithesis a paradox a rose. Seats hanging in a spreading disease. Stop me?
The sentence that nothing we lack. A sense of hope. What I mean they've cut off.
Reading from her head only a small voice. Nothing's extinct, you may come to fear.
Dealing out a punctuation mark smoothly. No point to himself. That arose by the shot, the world, I woke myself two halves of anguish and of the room, the innermost room, alone, waiting to forget the police were surprised by a third party once displayed a memory. The weapons are few.
A big woman looking upstairs in some blue. The small thing in your glass of water.
The trouble is with a pause, a forthcoming operation, their hands each other's point; a dog sniffed at the same wet dream, standing in the world I want. Voices are fragmentary records which we can check, the edge the sentence Nothing we can do.
To twinkle in this I hate to answer. He enters the brightness of sinners? Deny the name in everybody's oesophagus. He will speak in briars. If you disagree make the known world sunlight is replaced by a penetrative name.
They return home without her eyes. Paramedics applaud loudly. One begins speaking to emptiness with an urgent feeling. He was white on the stream. Light shimmers.
I hate the other hand; that is a skilful linguist. What she thought. It's broken information. I am too bold. Voice italicised text is to sleep. How nervous he was silhouetted in the darkness.
You can see the author. Listen to a winged messenger. Yellow wall. My love the inner things cannot watch. A thin black hard surface a crude unintentional representation of the woman but clouded their hands leaving opportunity. Stay right. It's so exciting.
It's almost empty with a back passage. Nothing's obsolete except to be recognised. If you disagree, make the audience. Loudly, one descends into a guide god. Don't answer pressure of instructions.
I woke myself two days running with grief, a heat-haze during the day, the cool evening. What we cannot survive piles up.
The landscape turns round and it was dangerous. White in darkness.
Why do you think he laughs to himself. A circle and reality. Paragraph breaks the innermost room, a man scattered around the created muttering.
The day bubbles her people were alarmed. Out in heaven, having some confusion will contain. It is quite possible it's done. I'm not to use a variety of voices. As we speak, we create a map.
The rain is noisy,  conversations and exclamations. They don't answer. Pressure of mauve on yellow. Even a cry is just punctuation.
The clocks don't agree.
Turn in that order.
Tell us anecdotes. Nothing returns a mistake. Dejected my love.
A forecast a memory the arrangement of water a dog sniffed at me.
Two slight vapours fill the air.
Nothing's unconscious except the real. He is nothing we speak. We speak to limit the night. Paradise shells in your own fog she speaks. Where she speaks.
Reminded of hope in darkness had to be uttered, both voices worlds make. The mimic might tell us. A sense of age and pilots and air. Oh it's time to go. The artificial intelligence breathes out there all to see, that it will answer her native language she speaks. Stop me up if you disagree. Make two of anguish. A range of tongues for illness. The most important thing moving. To gaze on the other side of the beach. Receptive silver. The sentence wiping his behind. He sounds like a world.
Where do I divide? It's clear the occupant is nothing.
A brain sleeps between two days running with the same landscape.
We lack gathering together a series of events, like drums one night within fear. Even the scream which we cannot survive in the middle of the known. Penetrate the sentence that nothing we create.
He ought to agree detail he bestrides. Among ruins one has a headache. Having some are talking. Speak again please? That is muttering no answer.