Thursday, September 18, 2014

poem || Lawrence Upton

sounds of inflatable grief

sounds of inflatable grief
shoulders are mnemonic

the world a stencil

sometimes muddle each other
resulting from mobs

wind instrument
sea sensation
spears in darkness

looking down the beach
notions oozing
that world is peaceful at the doorway

space somewhere warm
the effect delirium
a landscape without going

drowns detail
the lower half of mouths
talk originates real history

dampening woodwork bodies
with word wings

sun squeezes
you succumb

unexpectedly people
start to the effect of which
see inside and
promise into a sonata of representatives

bodies with your own ear
tangled disassembled light

ear of images
the water's rising
snakes thought and whiteness see them

frame pushes into another liquid
and sometimes it looks like rain
cross out the sluggish seashore

replaced by fragments
of what comes of silence
it is a dummy in front
make ready

word with bits of real history
word become highly skilled
so loud it is peaceful
everywhere together
stones inside
resulting from distance
it is quite deliberately made to happen
with the word of the effect
replaced by experts
machine managing to repeat large areas of wind
just wasted bang
litter of him and sometimes the sea
sensation witnessing seeing the machine
it is likely
bodies skulk
nothing even today wondrous

word is removed from the icy pushes

originate a final smile
out of cell division
to further transform
and opens an inspection hatch
shaped like every medium which has good text
most of light some space our bodies
word is
sensation witnessing seeing

the cameras are quite specific to organisms
if not quite deliberately made

Monday, September 15, 2014

3 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Forms, migrating


Penetrate the morbid

prosecute the immobile

and sustain the
hidden through tonguing
advantage against a whole

guidance the mind selects
in the prose of promissory enactments.  Listen.
Well.  Quite

demonstrating details of what decorates
truant fathoms in the valuing of immiseration’s



with/of       breathing
a sinfonia
of/a designated                                 unrelated circle/s
                                       signs of

unwinds in the softened desire to




oscillate rhythms                                                  but/while

breathing an ending endeavors an end
creases’ otherness
rendition                        toward                 totality of meaning
                    or in the meandering of ongoing tribulations

recycling of burgeoning sound and what circles
into trepidation’s philosophy hide first

a Capella


Fingers release dead
burdens.  Often.  Vast
reconnecting needn’t
verify versatile emblems
and the oddities of eyes’
silent (inaccurate) observations.
Released from what find does
in the curiousness of legend and
broken occupations, a philosophy
of apparent sound wanders
awaiting a day of self and for
the vision of needed echoing of
articulating fathoms to
bend and involve reevaluated
insinuations, reinterpreting
unneeded dispositions whose
opaque emulation involves
serial notations eventual
in the paradigm of broadened and
ringing hilarity.

poem || Lawrence Upton

case notes

Against night and water, mouth; it won't bloody go!
Trembles. Gouge a name into suffering.
Dawned once, momentum of old times. An empty dungeon.
Curses and soft shrugging delve sleep.

Townscape with a cage door. The door's closed,
the known world, brand-new, becomes big bloke.
Mummy, I hate you, love. A truncheon
turns turned unknown, such a mouthful smudged,

a mouthful of leaves, a phalanx of fighter planes --
unenviable vapour. An empty house. Childish pictures.
Silver on grey smattered the engine. An empty road,
back page story. Truth turns over. A piece of white paper.

An ambulance driven along hanging dreams, drifting
entropy evading receipt. Thank you want to fall.
She turns over the point on everybody's lips.
I can't just stand his silence. A cage on film crews.

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POME countinencechange

causeasonal wrongished

omenith "comlight pil
her any laspectlwhile"

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ENE afell my beforld before asl"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Crawlspace Blackout Glue

We come to the realm of the unknowable in silent awe, struck down by dumb luck, wisdom trailing in endless baggage trains of disputation, cold-hearted despairing grace, woeful neglect, sadly importunate gossamer conduits of diametrically opportunistic belief and funneled conundrums, poultry geysers, simian waveforms, electronic maze roulette, remainder theorems, crescendoed vestibule derangement, focused rearrangements of floral intake baffles, buffered cheese dispensers, holy scrolling barflies, sapiential stalks of sold nylon shotguns, paramedic traction phonemes, enemy insignias, torpedo tantrums, and withered Pleistocene nightmares of stretched farce blues.

Unable to decipher the simplest glyph, doubling over in unbreakable code cacophony’s mysterious guffaw, cackling into stratospheric pinnacle regard for elemental flowchart busts of famous femurs, feverish lemurs, legumes of favorite haversacks, slugging parenthetical careworn giblet stoops in musty muscular vicinities of sworn human hatcheries below incipient hobbled belt line, plopping elliptic potentates in tomato puree paste of posh baseboard compliments to teenage target hounds, fooling amplitude spoolers into tidy diurnal rectification grime, faulting at diced illegal nitwit pardons and gator crawlspace blackout glue…

Episodic Cyclone High

Sputtered steamy scorch matriculation motes
dismember tome tobacco signatures,
scoring guilty bulge cicada sleeves
for photon bucket mysteries,
held frantically in seeping pants.

Releasing cracked incendiary speed bumps,
frontal favorites flaunt eroded
caricatures of apostolic henchmen,
tracking flagmen into boozy maelstrom sendoffs
for hatchery mosquito tenders.

Plucked to naked floss sedation,
ennui pummels cherry sapping
blue bait doppelgangers into cubic hiccups,
cleaving acidic tributaries
from softened nasal islands
of slang emancipation density.

Holding songstress barrier feet to freeform rifle petulance,
gruffly coughing scamperers berate triathletes into shelf defilement,
punching pungent pines with finely pompous ballyhooed brachistochrones,
pelted by dock submission’s harried aluminum pleats.

Saner corsage skimmers immolate escaped nudge praline activists
with starch control filings meant to signify intractable pilaf grout,
whisking barge house syllables from stylish glands of widened seesaws
to detours in anachronistic belfry blenders,
bonking into scanty liposuction beets.

Carnivals seclude narcotics nullifiers,
pending spent moon fission passion’s futile syncopation bleach,
tearing up indoctrinated lifeline barrel tools for solemn inklings
of appendage mule negation.

A tendon sea touts irrigation’s lightly swung gaze,
planting geysers between reels of speculation brows,
crocheted within emotive sandbag arteries.

Thank shaven misfits for remembered tourney caterpillar netting’s
meshy blemishes of hackneyed xylophone abbreviation trills,
run foppishly towards an episodic cyclone high.

Bakeries Till Dawn

It was all a bit melodramatic, the warbling tie pin, the foolish rucksack, the on-cue entrance of the fading cat, stenciled in green afterimage ink of retinal delay.

More to the point was the subtle creak of wooden chair, the head-scratching exercise and exorcism of dotted eyelids and soothing t-shirt sloganry, the omnivalent ubiquity of friendly ship-to-silo woolen underwear, bearing due west for parturition’s unsuspecting drop-off candidate.

Periodic distance gave way begrudgingly to sunken roadside shadows of skeletal embrace, holing out a barfly’s sandy beveled wedge cut with extruding swallows of day-old watercolors, flocking mesmerized and gallant into servitude.

Wartime’s now perpetual grin wore on into oily mourning hideaways of braying crazy eyes and lowing lovers’ lackadaisical resemblance, pining for sweet pillbox eateries, bakeries till dawn, and costly flecks of gilded wheat.

The purrs came reliably emblazoned with honeycombed injector kids, frosted aerial replays of crucial missionary dreams enhanced to magnified illusion, and arcadian bellbottom doubters, poised in timed mechanical baubles of exploded youth.

poem || Jeff Harrison

Falling, Falling

falling mousetraps by corkscrews
falling taste by sandstone cliffs
falling platter by disease
falling apologies by six languages
falling whisper by curious cubes

falling vices by portcullis
falling radium by stewpot
falling penicillin by Alpha Centari
falling archaelogist by proverb
falling photographer by envelope

falling Havelock Ellis by Pentagon
falling mermaids by cybernetics
falling parking lot by mountain lion
falling candle by eyrie
falling minute by my newt

falling flotsam by jetsam
falling dolphin by waffle
falling typewriter by stiletto
falling cabin door by memorial
falling hydrogen by hydraulics

falling confidential by cockatoo
falling mint by gum
falling medicine by pavement
falling gargoyles by admiral
falling blue for damsel by red for knight-errant