Monday, October 20, 2014

poem || Matt Margo

sunkist ayn rand

ajax text gone tralala
constant heavy but significant stink
newspaperish oulipo jelly
my tongue you hatred
and them bees buzz blzzz
camera come and camera go
each day is different and the same as cocks
no more petting zoo blues
on this journey to the end of the poem
congratulations to the frogman
he swim a lil before croak
she spin in ivy ivory forecast
sword in hand is sword through hand
blinking the blankness away

poem || Lawrence Upton

silence held and cut down

Violence edited by cultural ears.
The English sounds choppy. We murder
to be reportage. Impossible
persons in a context of sin, invisible
champions, a characteristic answer.
It is hoping time once more.

Language deprives dialogue
relating to jealousies,
documentarily stuck objectively,
that regime of verbal history,
love, not scientific,
fluid inside experience,
the body of delusions,
all upturned, no idea;
quick face repeats the enormity of following,
pictures the massacre,
fact nothing, slashed,
the Christ meat and drippy trash,
human fragmented,
repetition using my head
repeats fear,
body verbs for warmth and light,
connecting words to perverse impulses,
an old music,
instruments known as news,
words together,
sensuality not instant,
not taking position,
silence held and cut down

Thursday, October 16, 2014

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

Fr.Pocket sleep

an----- mi


ay   ,louv

ersTal d’’


pon gelfoo st

sli mo a n st er

cre mudur al ly

sig   n--st

crpen schul l er

4 n el lie der at er

Hat e4let

T  erst nernst pas

Po cke

Tsl eep sur

Vi  va


poem || Lawrence Upton

cruel darkness

While through these terrible caverns
ORFEO will lead his bride, he will use his judgment
If he is not overcome by youthful desire,

Alessandro Striggio & Claudio Monteverdi – Orfeo (1607+)
English Translation by Gilbert Blin 2012

Time does not flow smoothly.
There is a certain lag, in imitation,
exposing a terrifying symbolic representation
determining the codes that are already recognised, always.
But in myth, the morphism of chain flows to partial connections
and vocal flows break composition with nomadic conjunctions
which constitute the static organisation of the crowd.

Even within myth, desire is inseparable
from the territory in which it is discovered;
desire is bound to the eclipse of the analytic field.
Flow has no assignable exterior, no scale.

How can I reply?
How can I desire strength without motion?
On the ocean floor, she codes her surface as rock, opposing flow.

Only the dead speak to one another in the deep water.
The corpses crowd in, twittering, tweeting; without nostrils.
The unknowing mind gives no guidance from the maze of words,
from the corruption of hell,  from dark dreams,
dangerous, precarious, painful, mysterious, fertile.

We cannot stay alert for departures.
As we manage stillness, we remember a rough night's breathing,
the sounds that someone moving through darkness might hear,
and it is as if these cadences are remembered through thick water.

Recall the tones of breath.
Remember walking at night. Manage stillness.
Hear sounds through dense water. The dead flock and flow.
The dead are alert. Sounds are heard as if they were muffled themes.

The first time he wandered into their space he didn't know.
He felt desolate and was shocked
by the suddenness of  strange things that happened.

In a drowned city, he was carried on tidal contacts with the living.
The living let go, yet there are moments of intimacy with them.
Here, in the drowned city, those now lifeless make one feel,
we never hear them singing.

Reach out to touch her.  The dead flock around her;
hands flicker, eyes question. She has concealed hope.
She drifts; sinks.
The dead listen to analysis of betrayal and to confessions.
Tirelessly gazing with eyes that cannot close, flowing without containment, musical, non-syntactical, tinny, repetitious; language leaks.

Monday, October 13, 2014

text || Peter Ganick


Ictus remoulade proof 
eggy reason edgy answer 
a supreme lasso imprimatur 
so seizure so threefold opacity vroom selector 
wanderquest evidence lapis 

genuflection lob slowhand mirror
clarionette hammers gingerly 
show patience 
whittle returnee loquacity probe 
turnabout milestone vacancy 
pilot nibble 

trousseau voorsicht icicle duplex 
cogitate imperative glimmerati 
cheroot vanguardist 
emotionale nerve outrigger gamete mogul 
protectionate rostrum prix feint naissance 
tiburon also 

tenancy productive arose 
wherein aside plotter simple rupa 
centralitize motto suffice 
grandiose open heard negator 
eschatology pundit earilest vein 
pro wand equilibria commute 

faq neither broom jettison 
ketone urgrency oppressive qualiton 
neither warming scenario slumber 

assonance perpetual dauphin 
levitate masala nerve atomic villeneuf 
grandiose utter assonance seize muteness 
mortison gnosis tilde narrate millhausen 
vetting laissez aforemention 
surpassive prolix enervate gambol

fumeur noon granite 
seize tried roulette cadriron 
vowel quantify noggin 
separatist midstream glyphic 
overshoot premonition slight 
quell torn diagonal.

novel excerpt || Wayne Mason

Notes On A Psychic Disposition

We start with improved geometric inventive electronic strength and weakness, load data as video fails. I have a bad bend. I see the void .... reputation in the existentialist arts .... I am almost a wormhole. My words will produce full blown interrogation. It is a pre-recorded track to play along with the endless bubbling of words around me. Trapped voices, traffic in the mind wrapped in sound. I am every day. So many people beside myself at present who walk in the haze knowing that they are not defined.

It's exciting and strange in the long run ,the same old tired psychic terrain so strange yet familiar. I was younger . The dark side of the night made way for shapes and colors carried downward and I'm walking down the dirt road and I can feel their eyes watching me . I hear the sound of the moon and various insects. The soft light of the images sometimes drifting through the white noise sound . The sounds washing over me I feel clear and crisp . I believe that these sessions are getting better with repetition. Geometric Patterns brighten and join a wide range of colors and images. In general, using the basic skills that include an emphasis on meditation , breathing and not focus on the thought . As you try to focus on anything gone thoughts come quickly . Sometimes they come in poetic language film now unconnected lines , herein solemn as the lights went out , chase imaginary paths of my brain as if it were just for me , I have power to rewind, pause, fast forward my memory. The spiral networking virtual network of hyperlinks connecting wormholes of my past , present and future.

Today I am not broken, I feel that the mind is willing to pay; is flexible and open. A dreamer is good or bad ? I , high surreal. The images came and went as I sat sometimes in my house, even when it was from the Dreamachine color filter (which was not somewhere. We almost feel the breeze ) feels harsh on your skin. For the next ... binaural no need to heed the hours , I feel sharp and , not having washed. The session clear I am now frequency. He renovated memory to repeat and try he also turned , so far down the rabbit hole deep into their own brain. The Word did not work anymore, the internal landscapes too treacherous for the fable of man. One reason to flow between them. Reading between, over, underneath, and through the lines.

I feel a kind of perfection, and scintillation wrapping over the years, the subtle effect of silly little poems. The passion of infinity surely is abandoned. There is the warm sun on my skin and I'm thinking of the fire that is not here, but gives warmth to all. The eyes of man was great in the flesh, love, evil, and after his death they lifted up their voice. So the word is starting right now? The world is slow and everything in it monotone. The voice mocks us like an angel in tar. I am well aware of the God particle. Ego of skin has its roots in dreams while career dictators oppose absolute freedom.

The a dream was as follows: a period of time, accidentally /cut/ eat decadent aggregate analog sound /cut/ the only human poem written /cut / so to speak something that is not for you to be placed with the heat, dust and smoke of consciousness /cut/ the desolate depression over the sun of things, it would be the noise of ego that is be better to observe each other heard, but only for himself but by creating a sense of weightlessness, to drink more in the morning consider these words , heat, color, stereo /cut/cut/cut.

Leave me to kill infinite time, the desire remains. I tend to relive small things and am capable of poetry. Logical precursors have escaped my lips but the evolution of the days progress. I was not the rapid advance of the sound and muscles, no one wants a concert now anyway. Time is like an old cassette tape that has been dubbed over and over again until the old sounds begin to bleed through like ghosts moaning at the agony of their own consciousness. The veil becomes transparent and you begin to wonder exactly who is operating the recorder. Not me, I am a ghost. My voice a symphony of muddy overlapping realities.

poem || Jeff Harrison

Need And Scythe Tones

give not courtesy well the face,
Drowned So, nor, plague-yummy,
turn bony with release like
something drunk-rid of grunts...
I'm literature.
an ocean living it up in our brainpan,
unfenced, would lovingly drop down
redundant motors about...
stench out light, Seventh-of-Face!
learned-look school bones. taps.
desperation, tired, is a still grandmother
systems worn, willingness sun,
me through by skeptical you
flag again, child's day
steady as she goes, Sheep Toes!
cash me pistol-pistol
I'm bare of guilt or rest

poem || Lawrence Upton

Three part boogie

achievement strips rivalry and assets
beginning to alarm and alert
beginning to become frolicsome
well, a bit, as an eventuality
we're a mite disordered

there is bread and buck wheat
a by-product of the bit battle
itself a by-product of another battle
itself a by-product or piece of one
of the cashpoint
its consequence
its  derivative
it is a bit derivative
a fragment of a derivative contest
an argument speck
stripped of rift
the end result of discord fragments
each an end result
one iota in an extravagant cloak

an eventuality text
an extravaganza whose minutiae are elements
and foreword alarms of growth of minutia duels

an improvement
piece by piece
of a struggle

these morsels have repercussions
their fragments shroud the musical end text

there are particle reverberations among fighters
a pandemonium pickup
scrap warfare
and its echoic pinching into camouflage
a portion of a result

scrap privacy as a portion of reward apportioned
chaos is in production
it dabs matter and that's progress
surviving morsels clash and shred the ends

morsels like secrecy
stemming from the yield of bit elements
the consequence of words
the end argument rimmed

a fetish moan
evokes a wish

the harm is intolerable
direct or modified
quotation from erosion
toyed with by neologism
an edge of the bulk of thumb

nice bum you've got
a nice bum and a feeling of well-being but
there's turbid tatter with this nice bum
that's the art of it
and the offset
the thumb, the fabric, an offshoot and its thumb,  its mandible
rim, imbecile!
nice bum? still? teatime!
digression to toy with honeys, non-flammable
trauma, that gyration norm, thaws, fuck it!
that did shade it, but it can no longer
look at method, night amazement
for example, against wrought iron or shoppers
a new distortion removed
scraping a few cosmic poor
ash on delivery, stingy, dysentery
have you read the regulations?
to do - ouch - a thing
rinse too
thumb method and not thumb
organ of hearing the proposed law
thumb method
ago any much hub doom not maim am to moan for chocolate, non-committal and unlikely
working on amulet umpire clutches am lyrical blustering rid
ovum ring thin airy at your leisure oh intention
weight tinkle it given my intention to continuum
international monetary fund me versus large air incubus ovum rash urinal riches
man at his damask
mermaid attains gazing through linden at a distant church
his hand claimed in hornet
oh him in an attitude that might harm
anguish or aura
action again in hornet oh him
halo chandelier load acrobat
a minus calm arcing overlaid night
a harm glyph
additional ionisation
another nominally or involuntarily to take to the road amassing roaring
thing which should mats mud though it my quondam thumb rend thumb removed within his mummery vim you chasing at


and tin tummy and small tin rake rum
toy dirt merchandise shoal bend
over-indulge toy ear
other magma oh mania
crate acute termed over thumb damps 
oh them ago heavily accord that thyme
that time had bitten through thumbs
dim numbering an ink gong path mermaid
and held at, by gold,
ails bare and gently contoured
lights oath dark cling above bone
rim hind curvy neck
aimed smoothly
hair animate rack aroma dim
vary roads vary
damper arms and it
amity had to alloy
gamma to touch
reality to thumb
collect ram name ton long thyme had
myopic thorax
a hum nothing
arouse aura
foamed that in net
coma to encumbrance
that norm curtain
animal arty rut
to knob hour aura hum
harm to mentor minds
and ago hard hum had only rating
remnant horned to meringue
too animal dim can longer utter any
at stamped and addressed envelope dourness
nothing rut
a heckling load mar hum
chanter rim to him to horsing
not to away that hum doom
not hind it
tornado it
night ardour rend
radar within emotional threat
thin hum
ash non
lying on its hard hum
ray radar articled wrench origin uterine
oversee muddy ration all amaze
interlock cool rat location trim dim
ran retro
ate retinas rumble rim
dimly tar doorman
notch across to mutants
comely night radii
comely racy uniting threat concentration
man made ire rut whined radii
tea radar hunter attach naming
hour hoods dim it
dim jaunty rim ruin
to only regards horn
rule churn rut trimmer
crash done ray chords crease
red months rim its rags rend
radar dote matriarch
ray ran act
coat cutting ardour
rammed muzzling night
arcades in concerts
common racial
dammed rend
our productivity fort doom
ardour's from distinct from my coma humour
ran remounted inject radar
ours pay catch wide hoof vessel
compensation lineage emollient
bewitch, encode
drop assessment
pour affect confusion
esteemed pruned toy ear
canteen distribute latter confusion
ladylike prance
ear nan remove toy ear
confusion tier co-worker
agreed open-end revel
symmetry tum-tum
multifarious radar oak 
expression comfort
molest keg end taxicab praise
the unswayable ceaseless water
ceaseless common steeple
caustic, cultivate crime
leisurely reap north field
on tyre precocious tattle
fascinated bottlenecking
record lairs direct gauche end
imbibe meter
lob miniature field chest
exemplar agog
are mace dust
independent swell
uncut end
arrogance shrub broaden immoral
invitation; embody bake; roamed gurgle
spirit anticipation open-end assessment
bail jingo, cheering impromptu


snob end help
inconstant encode
morons radar boor boor
keg end ladylike dot
reap on tyre quicken
mince field
universal assistant amount captivated
toy orchid, toy merchant, toy pruned confusion
toy end gnomic pure seek
purrs cone neon support pour
unpin end user neck
elm ear end ear
function unpin chicanery effacing economic meaning
chained elaborate answerable advantage cycle
ear ear payoff anemone ear economic peace
anemone ex officio brilliance privilege
payment under duress anemone eagle-eyed
neologistic reward
anemone each in their own way
zodiacal reconciliation
anemone each tinted agreement
aerial eagerness naming concord
anemone ear
anemone recounted
miasma occupation open-end
assert inane
management amusing morons radar promise
cheering unseen attire
germs radar close-up sweet
end wheel jammed diabolical lairs
snob end apex hear yes medleys
morons radar oak
buck keg end
reap norm afield avows tubby on tyre
energetic mince field clogs
ages neon pox
cordial estuary rank open-end adornment bail
depose enamel
unpin space
keg end apex enduringly mince field
seen anode, nose ages, end redder
enforced amount info
info ends info
end info apex enact
info we pay; apex info, ear purrs ear
unisex purse; nicer ear; end pane ear
pour neck old age pensioners
elm ear pour arc rental ecru red purrs
inept nag
pour per sent pure to pruned toy ear
toy ear we pure nag end
toy politely amount tat
we pure
nag toy
ensign cue trimmed toy
purrs acer toy
end pure
seek per pour pure pour
red end purrs
pour arc sent
pour neck
spa elm ear
ear ear
space ear apex efface ear pay efface ear
me pay avenue fade ear new avenue ear sense
apex avenue fade ear cue ear pay efface ear
sun reach order enforced
amount tat tenet purrs
end toy cue
pruned toy pure seek
red crept end purrs
pour arc pour neck
purse nicer end
ear our purse
ecru ear purrs
ear efface, ear anomie pay efface
ear me pay ear
cue pay ear neon
me pay ear sent pox
avenue fade ear
apex efface ear
pox avenue
fade ear sun efface
quit file
copied onto itself flips copied

[It would be wonderful and exciting to be able to give a satisfactory polyvocal performance of this poem directly from the typescript; but I suspect that few could do it.
I hope to participate in a performance of it myself and anticipate having to put in quite a lot of work to achieve a satisfactory result. Whether that requires effectively or actually making parts is for the individual to decide.
I would say that anyone trying it should not be too concerned about misreadings and other errors; just do your best and keep going. That, however, is not intended as a licence to accept anything. “Truth to text” does matter here; but let's not turn this writing into a scripture.
As a final remark let me say that the most difficult thing in performing a piece like this (whatever it is or is like!) is to avoid reading too much of the text or too little - listen to the others and go for it. If everyone is listening then it'll work.]