Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

4subatom\ hypothetical rework
pomesurvival\all\a, part 4rhere\fore

markmaskobedient poor\\\generator \\\ally
operated bistately into machinery
to an inappreciable system
what to rid this whistle able
what to tayilor holmium declarative
ahoy the waterland idimpotent
the crane crisp wispwise hidden \\\electroencephalograph
indiscreet strongroom amethyst rescinding
patentee intervenor excising calcareous fists
/apa/tite persia past and kill/ed allreptilian/

pacifism chalet anyway go to staygoto
comprehensable bottom up delusive volta
voltaic arrogant funeral kings cut watch/man
at the zero zero crossroad

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