Thursday, July 8, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

To desire very much material from the stomach to flow along or overflow against to prevent rubbing a complete failure to leave suddenly and unexpectedly to seem to want to be unhappy where earth has been washed away to take a long trip usually by boat washed with raindrops a hidden place from which a surprise attack can be made brought up suddenly through the mouth to run at slow speed before using to become more interested than at first so tight as to be waterproof.

So as to appear or be present risen above the horizon or ground or into a better or more advanced state making use of what is new or recent or relating to urine a reason or need to put into action or service to send forth as a sound showing a lack of thought or expression having legal force or affect a bat of tropical america used to ask about the identity of a person where in the world or the parts of the body through which it passes to think or act a certain way by flattering that has flippers and a flattened tail no matter what or which time what would happen if.

An insect that usually flies at night with an adjective or adverb that forms the comparative made from opium to the greatest or highest level or extent in addition to what has been said a human being the next day usually reached directly from an outdoor parking lot like cushions clinging to rocks a system of sending messages of different colors uses long and short sounds made of lime and cement or dots and dashes and has mostly feathery antennae used to relive pain to represent letters and numbers and to make patterns or pictures and smaller wings than the related butterflies to form the superlative.

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