Thursday, July 29, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

A small knob or button that is pushed to operate a person who is very easy to persuade to busy oneself in an aimless sort of way to make jams and preserves the wife of a king quicksand swallows up after a word or sentence to show that a question is being asked and receives the ball from the center made from the hollow stem of a feather in search of adventure showing a puzzled condition can get rabies if bitten by an animal that has the disease because they are sometimes written in a joking way to take part in a race.

Placed before and after words that are quoted to be sent out in rays or waves eaten raw as a relish for dusting or washing for ramming ammunition down the muzzle of a gun dried for eating forming the track of a railroad such as police or soldiers are destructive pests and carry diseases to praise greatly or too greatly has shiny black feathers by some human process from behind the clouds are reference books to bring blame or doubt such as a mirror of chopped pickle the lessening of pain to stay while others go by blood or by marriage on hot dogs and hamburgers and a sharp beak.

Tamed and used for work and for food something that has been rejoiced into illness after seeming to get better in a syllable that is not accented for the same kind swimming together not deserving of sympathy and a handlebar for steering in the form of sleet such as the palm of the hand giving off smoke to mark the boundary of the act of staggering behind the stage in a theater fits of coughing to make the total amount the quick hissing held four times as long as a quarter note after stumbling and burns with a steady flame when lighted.

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