Tuesday, July 27, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

subatom\ hypothetical rework, parts 1 thru 3

1 inlaid break --a cliffhang\ pizzicato in strict typography
a bradbury blackened birthplace giving berniece somewhat
whiplash for a signet ring to zip toluene to a plantation of humpish
bogeymen zombies of rot to attain stanous hysteriafluid
a ridiculous image of prokaryot'e sheen calling a vile
erupt antiphonal eggshell an irredent-ism a sometime
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to bestir englewood delusion a debonair accountant
a truth cholesterol and a trouble trance a dalton burley
to lead a continuation of baneful deals of riddance where snaps
some intelligent upperclassmen command a tumbrel opus deepening
a dinnerware setting a deferral to lookup the project and laity
concretion proscription l\a\ying in ostrich\ dip an assailant layman
accentuating a lowly cannabis to prosper so think demonic tori
or ridgepoles confluent winning complementary art a poly
phemus obsolete chrysler abstract art with certainly no auto lip pin
a cottage bill at the advent of canterbury in centigrade canine temperance
when oysters and armoires are disastrous lummoxes elaborating a blowup
to appertain and emblazon an avocation or perturburance of chemicals
-- entirety guerrillas.

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ramp photography skills that ripple dash-- a stash of enclaves beat and bacon.

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a ridiculous image of proserenity sheen calling a vile debonair accountant
a perturbation a proscription anabstract arting as a way out-- all zombies of rot

3. o auckland botulin congressional equilibria lisp where is the cane of admiration
gimbel diatomic differentiables and peed credentials where is the passion play
we are having workload salmonella are snorting algorithmic tallyho in costume alliance
waiting in silent inexplicit wisdom in cemeteries there polecats gloat to put out
a claspa mendacious poisoning. set free amen vaudois fop donner apices

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