Wednesday, July 7, 2010

seven texts || Bob BrueckL


de-grammatized intradas, theirself evidence of nefertiti curiosities, leering frissons of slurred accidie, alizarin veins replete with motionless apathies, thirsty blast of a hokum leaf, ethereal bleach, ethereal curiosities mirrored in the veins of a cactus, leering reclusive cacti thoroughly redundant, echoing resurrected slurs of tete-a-tete frissons, avenir matrix, tessitura frisson of accidie


what vagaries, avalanches of vagaries, what narrow breakers of once remote queues of surplex-heisted breakers, blotto mitoses of omicron breakers breathing in a stunted tide of clefs until the tension of otherness is released through the blowhole parallel to nothingness, targeting wily eurasian valences, blowhole redux, ineffectual night of tessitura, night breakers of narrowness, blowholes of otherness


latency of emptiness, tessitura of elasticity, bubbling elasticity of epigrammatic whorls of siphoned-off bloodlines, tessitura of prescient trajectories, tattered traces of valves, slitted borers of ontic zeroes, zero-hundreds of a foul-plastic burp, evasive burps of pillaged evasions leafing through slits of figurations, once ruffian configurations of tessitura, cenotaphic bloodlines of cetacean trajectories, valveless texts of elastic bubbling epilogues leafing through sere envelopes of pillaged blurbs, arundel burps, wood-still


night furnace of havoc, de-grammatized furnace of redundancy, mirrored havoc of tessitura accidie, blowholes of emptiness, tattering tessitura of accidie curiosities, remote queues encircling matrices of apathy, blundering queues of remote matrices, wavering queues of wavers, pale waves of breakers, bottomless breakers of apathy, narrow oeuvres of matrixes encircling tendencies of apathy, remote tendencies targeting blunders of bottomless queues encircling pale targets of evidential motions of hokum, motionless frissons of otherness, blundering tensions and thensome, leering parallel surfaces of bleached motionlessness, impounded tensions of alizarin otherness, hokum tensions bleaching hundreds of blunders of wily leering frissons


echoing slurs of nothingness, whorls of coptic thirsts, ethereal whorls of coptic slurs, cavalier heists of thirsty wicca tides, thirsty surplex of somewheres, echoing intradas of ineffectual mitoses, whorls of breathing omicron vagaries, coptic veins echoing narrowness


valve borers leafing through tessitura bubbles of ruffian cabooses, cetacean-tattered evasions, narrow texts of bubbling leaf-valves, latent burps in thrall to the epigrammatic environs of the cenotaphic bloodlines of elasticity, slitted sere trajectories of elastic pillages, sere bloodlines enveloping burping bloodlines of slitted elasticities pillaging siphoned-off epilogues of cenotaphic envelopes burping in thrall to traced environs, elastic burps being siphoned-off


bodily redux curiosities mirroring clefs of blotto accidie or eurasian redundancies of blowhole havoc, de-grammatized valences resurrecting accidie nights of stunted clefs, emptinesses de-grammatizing valences of reduxed redundancies, resurrected furnace of accidie emptinesses mirroring theirself, blotto reduxes blowholing emptinesses wherein night is de-grammatized by accidie curiosities -- blast one -- blotto blotto blotto

after Peter Ganick's text "where you what you?"

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