Wednesday, July 28, 2010

from Remove A Concept || Peter Ganick


for patience past purpose leisure gag
frisson how whom add double
no is secretion gets that doing all debt add
trick propetry
ideas would I ike about that
improbable sundown

chance taker dinner previous humiliate
about payment secretary virginal
clavichord harps overages tell ings whom momentum have
idea foreground concentric blather
change of shipwreck one continuum
narrow this & that
regency journal piety goes there
motion add minus celery toenail
variable item recursion
clarify often
surprise if press
share accretion predicate if those
whom is how met hereafter on tunnel
spate of adjudicate
motion through previous in total
dodge fire produce
seemingly transient the idea
once propose therefore
forget then ink inward clutter
appropriation of
which necessity on ahistorical grounds ...


steamed industry
process verge upon minus zero
other note caste chemical
survive induct perhaps one by one
line percentage
out at car louder voice protection
would not without correct shared idiom
surpass indelible cornerstone idiot

mantra regain
if finders keepers
sediment that extra click attune
impractical said song shard
if as hat on sheik to show
already subsumed &
to think revert somewhere

made name key shape proverb
impractical letterhead conversation
drift from meet on register

flagrant sulk pro
price glad two not three you ingest
that direction control use alley avoids whom caprice become law
the precarious ballast carnivore tools small play
her classed predicate mange dice power turn
lean at ...

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