Friday, July 23, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

July 22, 2010 -- Thursday

janky noogle kafoosters umpty ump schnozzolla, yatata yatata imbody abhors ginormous witchgrass, itch-mite harpoons snookered by spiny involucres's drooling bagpipes

abbozzo burp fantods ginnel fettle, killogic, inenarrable absquatulate, distensible axine flap assenting to tinctumutation, nutcrock, triflingly contreve, lithoidal loosener

mangling stillpoint, adroit oizzie, pomeis, roundel-vert, amaranthine agitprop, perforated sieves, eremite crewel

flection toybox anadippyloosass, rude cursewords cubically barkless, plastid, zeitgust buffetings ilce each ilk of wickered cringe inducing zoonotic snubs of juber -- querier? --

tossed huskily awkword hagged crotchet-dilapidated toutie kousso, death star brine, pantyhose steroids orrice, haie the wattled blout naeve, kiss-off of the flaccis piercingly irrorated

unsound skinker wringer staghound

clithrum protozoan isogen caterpillar

threnodial dew-point gullyhole anole

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