Thursday, July 1, 2010

text || Alan Sondheim

The Wake

This is the beginning of the Wake of the Real.
There is a certain style to our world.
The world presents a certain style to us.
Our senses construct a certain style to the world.
The style of the world is the world incomplete.
Instrumentation extended these senses.
We directly observe only limited modalities.
There are modalities inaccessible except through instrumentation.
Instrumentation transforms bandwidths of modalities.
Our senses leave a wake in the world.
Cultures orient wakes.
Wakes possess impermeable cores.
The orientation of wakes constructs meaning.
The construct of meaning founders and is founded on abjection.
Abjection is the irresolute deconstruction of the body.
The body is the site of the construct of meaning.
Meaning and body are a mess.
The world is consistent.
Inconsistency is the result of over- or de-cathecting.
Overcathecting implies the error of inerrancy.
Decathecting implies the fragility of invested domains.
Cathecting wavers between overcathecting and decathecting
Determination wavers between overdetermination and indeterminacy.
Science is the absorption of anomaly by construct.
Construct and meaning are boot-strapped.
Boot-strapping occurs throughout the wake among sentient beings.
No sentience, no wake.
The wake is always already under erasure, disappearance.
The re-mark of the wake is history; the mark of the wake is death.
Always a mark, never a demarcation.
Inscription drowns and coalesces in the wake.
Inscription dwells in sentience.
The disorders of sentience, orders of the real.
The disorders of the real, orders of sentience.
Inscription is never inscribed.
This is the end of the Wake of the Real.

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