Monday, July 26, 2010

text || Alan Sondheim


affect: got rid of the erotic stuff, added these - hir usual language
covering / explosions overlaid from previous files on the mobiles
-- flailail - flailing - hir mf body pumping - making language - body
pumped up - inflated - apparent appearing body - apparatus -
body = apparatus = whose/none body = language - hir stale usual thing -
hir thing -

youyouyou: could be youyouyouyou - you can see the body - bodee - pumping
- up un/toward body - five times then four times - has to be watched
closely - it's getting nowhere but something's happening - this is the one
that happened before flailail - or it might be youyouyou flailail with
youyouyou stills - it's as if the stage were coming to an end - too much
flailing/ailing around -

see mr my eess sere haitor youe 's thou all f's r yityouyou have to come s
drow ing our y niincu n t i youand you you to youyououyou
f.astast.-mo-mo.tiotio.n en e.venven.t. t. a ng .manman. ap
sometheth ethin:in: in:of of of youyou your sr s r skinkin kin -
Friends, youyoudecode column-0 null-set ASCII. Friends, this will work
? ? ? youyou
? ? ? youyou
wtc wtc wtc wtc you youyou yungheal
worldb wtc you wtc youyou you yungheal youyou yung zing bas d bas beeb d
enlightened,flat, blackgone fromd d demonamuhinto overharder youyou
Friends, youyoudecode column-0 null-set ASCII. Friends, this will work
Friends, youyoudecode column-0 null-set ASCII. Friends, this will work
O we contort, Tiffany whom I love before all others, we flail uselessly
stumped arms, legs moist and glistening, phantom flailed limbs soaked
worn, balls flailing against all accountancy we must move the tallying
useless semen flailing against the cackled mind - cut knife severing cock
abdomen, useless semen flailing against cackled what a wonder. what
flails speed from the body whispering in the air ...

$ uuencode jj
begin 600 jj
youyouyou flailail encode youcoe
youcode uu code hir uuu uncode hir
uuu decode hir undecode hir s/he uucodedecode uuu youyouyou code uuu
M('5U=2!U;F-O9&4@:&ER"G5U=2!D96-O9&4@:&ER('5N9&5C;V1E(&AIcode hir

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