Wednesday, July 28, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

A contest or show in which cowboys compete to cook or be cooked with little or no liquid in tests of skill where a person can rent a room riding horses with furniture to frolic a kind of computer memory with knights as the heroes having wheels underneath for easy moving makes payments to people having to do with the sun so that the yolk is still soft works like magic or sorcery in fairy tales a bird that makes sounds that are like music that extends over the shoulder to hold up pants the highest kind of singing voice of women in which a person turns the body completely over forward or backward.

Rules or customs that forbid certain things that show a disease or some other thing is present for eating soup with words or pictures on it stolen or taken by force full of glamour with a glass roof to smear with grease more than usual in degree keeps all the planets revolving around the sun such as illness or lack of sleep to clench or grind together blamed in a humorous way for engine trouble in airplanes a wild bird that looks like a plump chciken to be in a bad mood that has a metal tube through which a bullet or shell is shot by exploding gunpowder such as the one made by an angry dog.

The act of squirting as a snake does to pierce a wound with a knife to sit on the heels with the knees bent to force by pushing or shoving a pole for supporting a flag or banner the strength to carry on or last to hunt or track a person or animal in a quiet way not flowering and therefore stale or dirty to bring to a stop without meaning to suffer or die from lack of food a heavenly body that shines by its own light the condition of not having enough food to eat usually seen as a point of light in the night sky the ends bent over to hold the pieces together an opinion or position a white substance that is found in potatoes and a back end that opens for easy loading and unloading.

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