Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer







kicked his

class ore so!

from tack little hen to stone aphro disniacscommode

thus grease when attacking gembrochure article stat

said question poses snuggle quarkdale redgistry fold

pig new surges fallen accident logonto kooldubin bow

do cards to take hop on ferry stopon sitedsound misty

strapleary upon his harping 4 words juicethe dayplight





affat story 2 (on forgetting as dust)

the old man inside.aside.affatt never looks.

the goggle box. gurgle tox rus oxmus looks

Weird Eye crazed But dowe.we DuDub.

butwe lookwe. wedo: dozer

old man inside. nowpark looking

affat is dust. we do adoadore.mustweird wired. 

tomake it pour. pour affatt. pour dust affatt. dust.

poor affatt poor plod a lung line for somepour a

/the rain. affaif lane affatt is mud. lenE lenE po

affatt breath breat h b rea th re

affat de ad reads as depop

chop ra rah .affatt knew all

DocumentPainTer @3

1.sat. judd. i'm up but. wind heel. be comey top.cause time

he fugues.dip gust go along the mother. rivers kline be

and carefully killer .bolter foldly

2. modown smiley beer full pollock

blinked bale.little orangeate mew.

would like it, to be. undisturbed o

eyesgo.aswatt to wait ageif you see.

anyonething or any. g' dancetrim

gorkytrick... see trip d'art/or

own itkillerbadsee d

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