Friday, July 23, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

The process of falling in drops thats dull the senses with a hollow rubber bulb at one end twirls a baton at the head of a swimming bird a piece of music a worm that lives in the ground feels like a stong shaking or trembling marching band to listen to other people talking when they do not they are being overheard to be filled with echoes to be put into the mouth a partial or complete darkening of a heavenly body by another to destroy by wearing away.

A person who speaks for another or for a group having to do with ghosts said aloud to twist a muscle or ligament to cause a person to expect too much by giving in to all of that persons wishes political favors by a government grow in pods and are eaten as vegetables when the loan is paid back used to clear out for standing on and bouncing from place to place clogged drains for plucking the strings of a guitar in which the lungs become inflamed with a spring at the bottom and supports for the feet such as snow from roads by means of suction without putting the bones out of place.

A piece of writing to throw back light in which the words spool sounds being reflected are chosen a radioactive element used with the mouthpiece of muscial instruments makes pure or replaces parts that have been used up are chosen and grouped having a rhythm used in measuring or scoring often having words that rhyme light and heat actions of the muscles or glands getting rid of faults and defects usually written in a language that shows more imagination happens automatically and deep feeling than the language people use every day not controlled by thinking.

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