Tuesday, July 6, 2010

from INSERTS || Noel Canlas

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*absent divinities (INSERT THEOPHANY) apportioned à poil gleefully infinitisimme of fine-tuned dyes (INSERT AESTHETICS) chokeful énoncés ramassés (INSERT MORPHEME) reaction joyously fabric=;

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*internalizations mishaps (INSERT UNITY) a-gap switch fire=hose concourse (INSERT EGO) juxta-positionalities solidly dramatis pers- (INSERT SENDER) pectiva ad absurdum pill me-trified;

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*portable seems (INSERT VOULOIR-DIRE) incarcer –bate blobberdome piste arche-pellative foamer beta-gone (INSERT FANTASM) doorways heronome party albeit conceit topogram (INSERT PHRASE SET) illimité;

*vehicular homo-loquy bordello (INSERT MIRROR) chat-spiel siege para-graphein (INSERT OUTLINE) interspersal hors d’oeuvres star-line (INSERT REPLICA) trans-morpheus;

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*chronic (INSERT LE-MOT-JUSTE) relative surprendre additive simulacra (INSERT IMPRESSION) collide- sample of unsaid (INSERT CLARITY) parity delta break wall tip eye-cube alpha;

*etymon index pourriture (INSERT CONTEXT) illuminator support up-surge (INSERT STREAM) chopper slide-th = comicosmic as echo innervating (INSERT MIND) contrast-wise subtracted chill ergo;

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*edit supra-blotted noted icon (INSERT MOVEMENT) zipped airiness dampen faraway notion tri-rectified window vis-à-vis (INSERT RHETORIC) partnered verbo-ontic fineries jack-duck festooned minutely apart;

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