Friday, July 30, 2010

from Symphony no. 2 || Ric Carfagna

- 8 -

Fractal aspects of eternity

embedded in the moth’s wing

what must be remembered

returning to the sky

as in

the origins of rain

or bloodless fossils

lost to Neolithic oceans

now roadside detritus

an expanse of thorn fields

a mortal coil

observing the atom

here are theories


a sapphire skein

unraveling indeterminacies

on an inked wall

in an evening’s displacement

the reclusive tongue

the hierophantic alchemist

the imperceptible mountains

traced on sandstone sea cliffs

otherwise there are occurrences


through darkness

an unframed landscape

a glass coracle

floating in scoured ante-light

a reticular ash pattern

inside stone circles

the black dance

resolving the widow’s bane

the angular gaited shade tree

the non sentient

crescent moon glow

the contemplation of mute viols

the silver discs descending

the fluid womb’s dissolving

the hollowed ground’s iron will

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