Sunday, July 18, 2010

text || Emma Gambade


burrs programmazione /////// site cowpokes /////// --,-@

and the lays of an over'aged sead'on bot scaithed-gheisum
--,-@: and the gween-a'saka gia'terdon bourrough sands juvu
formed former former forte-mon. toe-ath, t'upon gallows n'

gallows of the ractor s'eint saigon ire sturgeon stik silk
sort of op'pff-conj'gadire stilted fire n'earl song la'hues
lake delions soot and sooth earth zones ending in zacabre

kept total /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ ///////

saloonist: dare not betrithe twice dear say d'mane de
de'man merman ready mon one lobe mon one lobe erat'soid
rates roidintations /o/oooOOoOoooO: NO 8==irithmatoi===D

NO 8==irithmatoi===D~~ leggings, sweet n'true n'zambled
--,-@ /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ ///////

A baa'chemurgies violin'lo A deed whirling look'lo ruts
Tutu A ceded'gee monist irony puns clubfeet I violinist
Summons Poor --,-@ /////// --,-@ /////// --,-@ ///////

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