Friday, July 30, 2010

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July 30, 2010 -- Friday

"The key concept underlying Cubism is that the essence of an object can only be captured by showing it from multiple points of view simultaneously."

fluorocarbons color swatch the boorish bloopers ensconced in the dzos of zany crossbreeds -- velveteen velveeta already being busticated in the percolator with beefalos & ligers & zedonks & lots of other strewn crossbreed travesties argufying with the absquatulated brizzati macerated in the frayed tapestry dangling from the danky turrets


dzos of busticated brizzati swatches absquatulated in the boorish bloopers of velveteen velveeta macerated in the frayed danky-dangling fluorocarbons strewn thru-out the mildewed tapestry


dzos of bloopers dangling in the busticated fluorocarbons being macerated in the absquatulated velveeta mildew


dzos of macerated bloopers busticated in the mildew


macerated velveeta percolating with busticated color swatches of fluorocarbon bloopers absquatulated in the liger's tummy


boorish crossbreeds zedonking like ensconced brizzati in the absquatulated in the tapestry surrounding the baptistry


tapestry fluorocarbons swatching zany bloopers zedonked in the busticated percolator where boorish ligers castrate absquatulated crossbreeds of swatchless brizzati


zedonked & castrated tapestries in absquatulated fluorocarbons busticating crossbreeds in the bloopy percolator of being


blooper-ensconced colors' zany-strewing travesties fluorocarboning crossbreed bloopers ligering in absquatulated swatches of boorish argufications percolating in the busticated macerations of dankish droopy-dangling tapestries

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