Saturday, July 3, 2010

from DESCRIBES || John Crouse

A sudden thrust for burning a dead body to create a whole trying to obtain a bag or pouch for money where a god speaks through a person to compete against expecting good things to happen the apes were given a name relating to the science of optics to argue or complain about small and unimportant things a large stiff feather away from public view easily stirred up containing a liquid or air and some pronouns to put into a sack.

Ceremony of making an offering to put a saddle on as if by absorption or suction or ending well in success the hard fat around the kidneys to satisfy a need still sucking milk from its mother uttered by the voice capacity to live and develop spoken with vibration of the vocal cords appealing to the senses of sight a hit or kick of the ball while it is in the air the bodily organs that are needed to stay alive air exhaled from the lungs sung by the human voice before it touches the ground.

To think about as if weighing without thinking for a long time to give the appearance of a continuous picture characteristic of a mother to supply abundantly a feeling of concern or curiosity when such involvement is not wanted to free from something that fastens lasting fame and glory used to show a starting point covers the lower part of the body filled with heated air to test or try out in a short performance a place in which public records or historical papers are saved to murder a usually important person by a surprise or secret attack.

A person who is stranded in a place where there are no other people to assign a role or part to an act of throwing in which the tape passes from one reel to another when being played either by a pair of mouth parts to accomplish what is desired wild duck of the northern hemisphere that has a hard outer shell in a bookcase to cut the hair from a narrow light racing boat to get rid of with a cutting tool to give off in drops any of the heavenly bodies except planets to fail to keep an appointment with and lives in water.

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