Saturday, January 19, 2013

poem || Edward Nichols

For itself

     Atomic termites eat up all the metal. True Beatnicks(Ginsberg, Burroughs and Kerouac) wrote the constitution and time travelled it back to the Founding Fathers. Millions of milligrams of Orgone flowed through the air, energizing the whole atmosphere.Adverse conclusions were reached on the theology of the Gnostics because of the constant bickering among the theologians. Trumpets splattered notes on the walls of giant masquarades aiding in the delusion of dogma. Society reinforces this dilemna. The Heretics Anthem booms out the transient Howitzers of the Will to Power.Loqacious events internationalized the regime. Cold breakers ingested the rivers flow and saluted the three giant pink statues that guarded its flow. Science seance  rejuvenated the flooring of intrepid conditions. Members who were obsessive-compulsive about their sloppiness effected an orderly system for being effective slobs. Loc.alized  commitees set and stared at a giant metronome with an Eye at the top. The Masons contacted the Illuminati and ordered pizza. Aldous Huxley looked through the Doors of Perception And seen Mr.Spock.
     Libido excursions provided efficacy for the archetypes, lall types of polytonalities and dissonances were transmitted. Orgones run their gamut of flinging sound waves from a Tri-Tone on a barely audible level that spread for miles. An Orchestral alliance was formed with a subliminal composer,and,all types of polytonalities and dissonances were transmitted everywhere,and,it had a profound effect on the populace.
      Validity was verified variously variegated voluptously and volumniously in velcro vendettas venerated voraciously. Somersaults instigated revolutionary dichotomies of uninstigated production of coherent verisimlitudes of socialized reclusion. The eccentric visionary lap-topped a magnitude of energized vernacular condescending magnamaniously in secular deities. Diatribes based their disclosure on the inevitable as an extravagant inconvenience. Production of decrescendos and ritardandos regulated the atmosphere just right. Automatic rejects flocked to the gates in a torrent of vast stupidity. Trial and error proved that each and everyone were,......very much so ,indeed.Tripoli mandated a Mephistophelan Manifesto in honor of Dantes great work,Faust. Instigated, variegated, unindated, serragated utopian ideals initiated the protocol of the New World Order predicated phenomilogistically,ectoplasmically ordered reunion.
       Classifications predated ontological preordained polished conical seclusion union unctuated clownish Dexadran jumble the Trilateral juxtaposition of tirades of audible decibels of automated doorbells hijinking at antiquated coinage of marinated bellows. Animated conclusions conclude aerated ennuendos back surrogate Lady Space the Directorate.Ornery nutmeg communicates controlled disorder in the case of conjugated displays seclude the occulted dark side of the sun. Ordained train tracks post-modern Faustian preclusions counter-balances the civil outer road,listening to the brown dog barking.Austere unitarians join the Golden Dawn as quantumn junctures articulated rambunctous duotropes ram-rodding around adventurous garbage dumps coordinated truantly socialized trumps the direction of qualified updates on Elizabeth Teas party.
 She was wearing, as usual, a giant hat that covered her from the top of her head down to the top of her feet.
        Unctious patterns proclaim activities jumble, jugular reigning proclivities soar candidly towards the roaming vanguard of unknowable ,general, knowledge.

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