Friday, January 11, 2013

poetry || Peter Ganick

unformatted version

a k a blurs service, to hostage, remove, overplay a tryst in halloween now no onethat returns cd retaliate re th functions if only as favor hand looks cd renounce a stutter,
asthma th minor still serenade, hard night, before th games teak furnaced always heard,
for a noun, format, th glee interest as structure is deep trial, no cloud of if they had no wound to intolerate,
smile as if not full to retards often a connect in learn ...

whom all at once th call, moment adjust encycle, deaf to lean until stork to be honest,
from th air feed than disdain, a perennial to misunderstand of, of forget leave like that them, told intersect add condition, safe if is laugh like that, therein
no time hours of trust,
wildspool weigh in th face, a knowledge of what correct mantra energize, th porridge, same hat of stuck (real or illusory) cd wait & look at like to ...

is reward at, has encircle cycle holistics, defective phone number that call salad multi, rash krinkle before erect nice, happen on 
accumulate is food ...

some music barge stolen enemy real to epicure, how intersect is happen tho cd as less last than hotly,
materially thank ostracize, normal cafeteria housed down tennis, slow far night as paper moving thru some
nearby thousand mile thoughts enough of to be phased out & polished in disguise of solo, tutor neat as flambe, ennui th label deep creature. so inflate to be,
little rip sounds & tense moments dozen retaliate, first episode so when you did is from those that true has effect,
porch-song ennoble transit by approximate two dollars, reasons to soften & grow strange w / medal of crates so appropriate for th space initialed ...

is equator to down horizon, in a plane of reason too denunciative, creole token, marvel of page turn to do on sudden, any pliant (cd direct) neat standard approximate sixty, every-think backwards as
strained to entertain as catalogue, all to hold to edition (former preach nowadays) a meticulous resin, toxic deal fur's plural still miles aware of deity, smooth black ego, tons of spiritual illusion, research of control even if nothing, pocket veteran smile, eel & squint, how process ten prideful santa claus, fox th road you sling & retainer walls for bad trumpets, to tho a crate of circular ascension, rather spray & ghosts cd renege or flutter biddings of drear consequent ...

release is pond to mollify, no sud in ear to define, a parallelogram in defense of mutate store crease in insect, th whole if has, encourage loosely fit,
marvels & motion refer, blind & harrow deal tonsular any more, december ceiling so as no-go carwash renews at parity each anxiety, name & form, cool & hot shot from again, release to emotion ...

projects ornament, each basket delved in presence as fool, to boast hungry mighty or fair insert tho mediate any chauvinism only because,
always possible refrain to encircle that fascinate, popular show shift in delete,
mindful of agrees to porcelain for th well as pretty orb, hums a release knew had something,
topology of scenery, that much day of tell story, tight magic to a reproof as hold nowhere,
cdnt get than thankings for one cider a mutt before mud & th hero of east, forces penetrate is to think an accumulate no drift, too spansule hidden for retail now crucifix, slow show,
deny anything, additive empty, root sapient whom anno domini tho romance eat why,
retrace any pattern before th signatories, hurtling artists of color, now spoken to by th odor ask reposition, some smile feet on necklace,
large jumps unite crocus naive ...

run over, out belong stochastic atavism's inner satyr to rescue was spelt, a hundred other as whom revert,
stuck down on perish, w/ rapture if postcard,
stock story porridge sorry, sundry veterinarian ...

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