Sunday, January 20, 2013

poetry || Peter Ganick

unformatted version

narcissus th how hand to being's colossus a mite bent appropos, heard & where of whose what is think, stone tho epoxy name, a general eighties moon,
fallout of pie rest anyhow, oh no with sincerity, what you is notice filling each eye wide misnomer, a cold prayer if enough. mood of defend has not been there a vital often sweet pair of cats great irons as nature of artificial eagle, news straight out never did ...

this life is why, proceed & intersect, symphony tho changeful, th light removed for grey to ideologue, somerset each lint as know, cd appreciate foam grated natures,has foam n urn b to trot, sutra tap of is connect mist heat, whose apparent release, thirty mister opal, cut & dried as a fascinate to whom, time th function for japa, mindset of outrage cdnt than join, likely professional, what you didnt see, their sector comparison witness, whose glyph entered from before, take this book to lawn, repositioning pad some ingenue, runs dont eat much. force have data outside by seven encumbered ...

best to change, things forevered to thaw overfill needed rate stomp (result changed, inner) that whom cd
explore as direct witness this sit here happy a strata of guilt, bend trust as whose matter th romance think this,
that shock elongate, had anapest, toast literal ordinance, once for fuel, deep stray facility whose bottle is & twins are, any quiescent child requests renovate, too ladder, slot in earth's defers each nature, bug's orb then shut out,
from is whom by four addictive, not need to feel certain, aware or biased to slide, a broke fantastic opts for generous, tons
that bad air, bead upon sharp shocked to hear,
rent assurance heard name, starter of fashion how they ravage land, gratitude & a life's redneck major, trinket to boast highway, th shook sheep in a
phantom, not so soon, delete as visible item of whose statement,
car wise dependent, state magic matter, still work, cost produce three zip,
soon avant-garde small product, stick how else to remove?, fell asleep side-line, mackintosh vast opportune solitude, goes by clock, renames all units, blind as overhaul, to be wide on foolhardy is trench offers grammar ...

in no way feasible, to refer as plainsong, curious mantra ocarina of to been a had when & they explode near th cold,
liking an intro tho stared a long time, to enervate th sameness, you as praxis of normatives, road's hostile to entrance,
how ill-advised at renewal of comparative book ...

reality is th commonsense of mind, you yr placement that music goes there, each nature when separate,
this evidence to walking, a large rough round whose intro secures perseverance, that process-hidden story when majuscule suppression to th level of word, simple faith whose no-mind fills wide th streets, tones of raga, insolent little names, food from everywhere we take you along ...

like to, being & crisis, th name is fixed in acoustics of nature, whose moment before if faced, yr ideal a plague to turn out, happens to encircle, is whom to those is radio, how stolen or refill, naive too sudden how much alert was there?,
told about as history, however apropos th service of intent, magic of penchant, consider as hourly to reconstruct in plus restrict pretense, how is that this motion, telephone, whose stop by drift to
every howdy in place, pressure to general if at you cd assume water levels, strange deaf to equipoise, not
certain if that usage, thought tho unfeigned unfigured why,
toddler than redlined apart, necessary to whom decrease as fast to walk up to, is surreal planet, tomes to reflect as know wd harpoon,
friend to this of matter disparate structure ...

tough to fly, sick another is jabberwocky w / third commerce information, have to this style fevered or pacified whom is
to that, jump, put two wires that tackles place footpath, nowhere in housework goes undetermined not that dissatisfy, receipt of how a positive force any trinket un supports ,
is alert, by hasten, if cd wd form any response too wide foreign or dante, how made is place focus to shroud of demanded,
hardened into impulse to look later than whose encumbered an item, who of why this, material omniscience ...

th scuff an hour took string, (secret or trade), around fifteen is arrive th exaggerate,
barn in hills reread, correct music us druid attic
do it yrself tinged for all problems, to devise in solitude before it changes,
let to you know now, banquet divert to speculate, waddle know th input, all strings as freer
th plate of that one work in network result to empower change,
ramps & studied into as carrier, sorry tone dial runner, whose insight intends freedom how shape & reply new to sanctify, start to erase insecurity, get in a positive arc for retain services of cosmos, whose extra plot in fissure,
from stay away from to look associate, novice of appearance, stick coffee march iotas if jealous,
blotter telling true, form a release of freedom, homily another spoof foot pad relinquish information ...

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