Saturday, January 12, 2013

prose poem || Edward Nichols

         I fell off the wall and hit my head. Congenial termites angulated a radiant slipshod and bent a spoon using telekineses .Thumbnails poked an arrogant pig and transformed conflagurations into vagrant allegros who analyzed Jean Paul Sartes Being and Nothingness. Cryptic mannequins were stiff fromm standing all day producing a vision of Krishna. Slunderdog produced a quadrant of stormy dishtowels wiping the smile off his face.
          Colorful expenditures advocate trampling the 'No Trespassing'  sign employing electrical wires subservient to the frequencies of Gnosticism. Trash ends up surveying the scene with its eyes closed. Harbingers of the Masons congregate in the middle of the civil outer road, listening to the brown dog barking as they meditated on the eye of the pyramid.
           The hum-bug, thumb jug flew over her head in a justified changed perplexed neophyte adamated the animated surety, surly marque running at the tree log flying for the Lady Space the Directorate miasmic displays lighting the path for all to follow. Epitomies of exegis preclude thrsupernal aptitudes of Crowleyian rituals. Exonerating the assemblage ofcertain substitutes of archetypical knomledge.The brain waves of extraterrestial extremeties operate at subliminal speeds.
               Extorting the illusionary subversion of propositional haphazardous inclining suggestions created by the Trilogy of Infamy constituted predeccors going on towards the sands of the desert.

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