Sunday, January 20, 2013

prose poem || Edward Nichols


      Conclave mirror ambushes the ashes of cold crustaceans villify the lucrative circumstances of coyly outfitted accumulation of sensations entitled by the numd number of the alabaster wings controlled the output of cramped aquisitions flaming at the magistrate of malcontent,(He just left),vesting visible diragibles containing fromucated diadems trapped in time the 33 harbingers of concealment restoring the concave advocacies of tripped hierglyphics on the organ bench. Virtual scenic polygraphy pornagraphy annexes the circumscribed performance of jaded brick-a-brack, soloing in the face of macabre junk, colorful jumbles angularly at the attentive dismissal of slovenly orbital pivotal matriarchs.
      Comatose mannequins adjourn at the crossroad following the condolescences of hollow platitudes passing through ashes of crescendos pounding triumphantly at the release of endorphins qualified for the fatigued masses clamoring in sodomy for a right scenic rejoining of the majestdic crowd of symphonic totalitarianism.
      Recluse conspires with sauntering regulators restarting the conjunction of quagmired starting guns rejoicing dat the fate of runaway conspiracies teeter-tottering on the edge of nothing.Fetuses coagulate the very tritone of brittle disguises vary at phantasmal speed.
     You'll be the attitude of albeit supterluge lying across the ain't aunt sometrilogy scattered across the firmament of frosty tweed ventures alchemating on the fortitude woven bordellos incorporategone spandex burning casantheum on the old juggernaut.Ouchian worldly on the fretter of terminal velocity enraptured on judgement of realism gone and incorporate the slomtene commiquete.     

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