Wednesday, January 2, 2013

poetry || Peter Ganick

unformatted version

unbend as tactic for remove is better than remorse, to pick up, in cast precious as an eagle terms that cd be changes, relate a register is those for why, in coat or deed at summary, work so estimate, th incident of conjugate their control, a parley in intense begin a rescue, (just to) & th furniture of greed, once sattva in promise to each distance learned ...

perhaps th longest, where infinity melts a sovereign (that filch lysol) , if you know change & constancy of effort, a saxophone go thru classism, no contract to rudder & fake, how some moment (certain things charitize) so folded in that un think of product, once to learn,
has glasses following since '84, who wd intend a miracle, such by camera, a light every morning
to deprecate position tries that betterment of stability such size of concern, whose demurring self-education apparitions
to go heedless from perfection, say swat, seek life true as interest from, walks uphill, cause slant & message, one vertical line. to impart by addition goes oregon such idaho, mutiny from only one gnarled distracts for holding on, so
sensitively, so hurt & th motion shorter & shot radio. huddle moves feet finger, large & held into procedure, whose process if you elope. narcissus th
crusher in stride way, holes to promise a drama switch survey, arm arm, total paranoia. beauty likes truth, as furnace riddle to expect is this than. body linguist. whose infer salable in at least what's going on, repronounce th angel, to spirit atone from parcel, walk wise, that cd do tomorrow as listen & fix, from ace patterning, forages this bleed in strut, six oceans move th corner ...

th shape of knowledge seize to pattern & is format incidence, see that mood, bargain as curiosity falls off elicited space, (one show th less), conducive to that insert seed of friend before finish array to is
need another's hintermost hour, a counted assertiveness for adjust processionary distincts,
hurdled over th towel to cappuchino, a rare island her reality if of asked (agency outburst reduce comb), saw in that survival as audient for emoted space, coincident causes from brouhaha ...

camaraderie to elongate, this principle to stay ways of th trays, whose compulsive as always dense, holy days offer on limits each motion, gets is frighten look at slick eels, whom twice call to devote statement soft harrow, implement th fade call build in a tangible signature, has behind scenery whose that of deprave, for one to limit, a big stripe, that series q control, however seek it on a calm, in advantage had been dismissed, in an otherwise check, turn away
thru from thrift th manager, radio head here not there (environmental of concept), a bit cooler for a better credit, a form of crossed,
locally thick whove seen th told up to cool how incite from continue discussion, very easy, sameness evolves night, from however to another cd it assure is problem wide rocks of steel, a hundred ideals
whove assured to be drift, that was th one ...

to be able to look out at, in th rare this purse of goal, foment a martyr to excel in religion, whole assertion perhaps too align for q to be were, so fossil th care write-thru of grace, hundreds, th copy was elicits th desist, secrecy quick comet, rate slow to foil ...

to one once winch each name, a prospectus part, deeds of th salon crush, tens of ideals, nervous stick for
that once bowled over wants tea, try docile formula, meditate on stick, form mentor in pen-assured defectors, where you go, they (fictive cast) & part caps unto on circle has that rally, a bed rides on to th bias, hurry fossil early than ignoble, start stutter no longer th king's angle, hurt from th soap, deeds remind stories & impart personal why, delete to impose from argues decent social limits, whomever you assign unheard of that imparts slight espresso, as focus (that orb) circles to irrational is depth of cast ...

eager emotion, not to talk salad, hid jealousy th firm of ocean, a depict to imagine where transcend same function, in soak sell to terse factors th startle hid involve to pry (is one nature) so leg crosses are for juniors, to predicate thru seven holes that all smoke (was fertile) for a placebo, stunt to get dial going thru plate,
one holiday one wierd stalemate, contracts thru octagon's push, near one ego th dialogue dull, a range to devise seeks eyes,
frost on thought, marbled earth, a capstan holds mind steady, tho perhaps w / that of sunshine ...

has this as concern to list from ego, particle how to
get foam, a nice day, talks th stairwell (starwall) insteads to herald as future involved in th partition of statement, already works for youll never know til star of gaze, how was that grant ars nova, a surly promise of some, behind ahead as next insert, vane of wine, grated change to a from stop, story cry, nearly choice fully that expect get you into, forces th to replay wiser to ennui, that chancellor to measure same praxis return for th lean-to, a marvellous stock in stopped for th venue ...

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