Thursday, January 24, 2013

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POME aseme
s[h]p[l]it & [crus]hed[ da]ises[Oy]ou[thou]g[h]t
Shi[the]m[well].co[st]ly all[pla]car[d.her]ald
.r[at fe]nc[e. b]as[e
s]en]t[cu]usp[ rec]re on
qua[lity]ou[treac]h[to n]et[ol
see]ded1]st f[ont ]be[low. re[ach]out.
ly all aseme utrea  rurneme  elo
[t]e[me]m[easa]unit[pro]vide[s a co]ne[nie]t[me]ns o[f ds]cusi[ng] a [pie]e o[f h]oug[t c]op[id ]fr[o pe]top[[eso]n  ",  [r]ega[rdle]s[soof whe]po[the[r th]a[t [t]ho]ugh[t co]n]t]ain[s ot[her]s in[sid]e i[t,] or flo[rm]s p[ar]t of a [la[rg]em[e]m]e[.]m]em[e c]ou[l]d con[sis]t of [a sin]gle w[ord], [o]r a [m[[e]]me[ co]ul]d co]n[s[is]t o[f[nie]t[ th]e] e[n]tir[e[ spe]ech] i[nwh]ch[ that word] fr[st oc[c]r[red.] h]s f[o]ms[ an an]al[gy t]o thidea o[f a e[ne s] asin[le u]it[ o[f ]s][le]plic]a]t]in[g i[n[fo]m[ato[]n fond o]n [t]h s[elf-]re[pl]catin]g[cho]so[mo]on[e s[elf-]re[pl]catin]g[cho]so[mo]on[e

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