Friday, January 11, 2013

poem || Donna Kuhn

u have a warped skull

u are with my car and in my car and i am someone who doesn't have bibles.
i am with my can't possibles. i know u when i sing. i'm a singer and i lose my

i try to understand u. i sit down. someone with strange fingers doesn't want
to know me. i am someone insulted. it's snowing. i am about bibles, the freeway.
i don't want to be with cement sizes. 

u shake because your fingers are black to u. i wish i could buy anything because
i'm broke. i can see i am riding my bike. i don't sell things that don't understand
people. they are giving london the freeway.

i see san francisco in the dark. i refuse to drive at night but strange fingers. i see san francisco in the grief. u never saw a thing because i'm singing, because of your
fingers and clothespins. 

i don't give up without a child and duct tape but strange fingers are in my car and in my car when i go back to her. u are anyone insulted. people are from england. u are leaving because i'm broke. i refuse. i sing. 

i don't understand the next morning because i'm singers, because your finger doesn't feel so good. u have my child. u have the night. u never get over this
woman. i have a child. u shake your fingers.

i wish i can see santa crafts fairs. people are leaving crafts fairs. i see santa cruz. a boy, he's jewish. i can see san francisco in the grief. i never get over get over get over this thing. i wish i can't like u. u have my child and duct tape. 

i don't understand oakland. i don't like u, come back. san francisco is in my car. i am clothespins. u smoke weed in oakland. u have a warped skull. i wish i can see san
francisco in my car but i refuse because your head says no.

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