Saturday, January 26, 2013

poem || donna kuhn

dance to forget

this dream is afraid of going down
u tell me to forget about sand
nobody knows i have expectable

i will always cry, i will always cry
nobody knows how much i love u
u come back and i need to be

behind one million pens
one million anemic pens
u are more than a sand 

i need the ocean and i am looking
for music; i see u, i don't; i will only
give; no, i will only take

everywhere u are supposed to talk to me

u are a hand again, a stomach
i will only have expectable
apple lips, i am, i should

i will, i don't; it breaks my daughter
again and again; i need to cry when
u come back

this dream is down, u tell me to dance
forget, they tell me, dance to forget
nobody forgets my sand is round

there are pencils and the ocean
disappears again and i love u
u show me u are afraid of geese

they're mean; i will only give u 
a handstand against music
my daughter, u are music

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