Wednesday, January 9, 2013

prose poem || Edward Nichols

           Subliminal mellotronic vorticism passivism ,turbid film noir provocatively sleazy.Unflappable esoterism ,soporific slobber,ghastly happenstance,toxic transfiguration.Kinectic whoredom,twelve-tone row vandalism.Graphic wet dream.Menial governmentation.Microsecond internal rhyme,tangential glass of phrenology,magnetized lucidity,grim segue subverting saturated figurations.Malodorous loggerhead, a grubby gloaming gimmick.
             Fiendish prismatic photomontage of sanitary napkins. Trulucent shamanism abberation.Sliver specimen repulsive secretion. Gruesome experimental exaltation. HYPERTONICITY OF THE rOSSETTA sTONE. sEMIDEIFIED STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS TITTILATING URIA.
                 cONJECTURAL CONVERSATION OF HUMANIZED SEGUE to sensationalized exhaustion. Temporal scenario of masochism, pilot balloons  loquacious ultraism. Unkempt underhanded. eupepticincineration. incineration. Escapable ESCAPABLE exergonic graveyard shift, melanism intonation scar of pyromania. Irrational supersubstancial universal time transverses a dark adaptation of a nuclear families yeomamys well-rounded orthogenesis. A doomsayers domination whorled around protuberant effervescece.
         The whiff of the prototypical Nazis imperative gold brick daguerreotype. Nationwide reactionary wreckage of simultaneous misoneism of the New Criticism a syndicated randomization of a cross current coming from Sirius Vedantic nicotine.
           Rapture of the deep transmute rampancy towards a maximalist wearing a warbonet. Exasperation supervient simplisms sideareal snatch block of veleity towards toilet paper. Vishnu bicycling using a velodrome

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