Monday, January 21, 2013

6 poems || Hugh Tribbey


Jim Arizona made
October ways list
horse’s ask thought
November use three

all recall Mission
sent Television’s informed consent King
hit areas taking
counting occurrence fly
Republican’s auto-de-fé tossed
Ohio wrong left
funded investigators say historical
trying undervote mark ballot leaving election removing


Justice Almost Mary
Ohio west Land
Hispanic arcane typical
Native Union turn

Attorney reward machine
story? true. identity cop kunko-land,
Heights arrest. trashing
creates one-sided federal finds ex-President elections
reasonably appointed theft
only William legitimately
tan undervotes Mexico ballots level estate racketeering

gee gorge gore George gerund gun undo nun doh  ear he hear heat
English gin in engineer usher shush her gusher eat grate Great
O Sam ma am Osama Wash habitat buy in Wahabi-flu-in-need-influenced séance dance libel
                  bell ration Liberation
reed rest read nervous reserves app pare parent rest teal levi apparently tag tar regrets targets
good glue in lieu good guns stuck tuck sis U.S. gnat shin ton National
if forts for efforts stage age grate rat grit it reah gurd great eat
wash sting tin Washington tow to auto raid tirade trade see in CIA
ill blind bill sill bored door order


gilt neck ring fenced defy Tao

doctor politics #1

revive the rim
doh 500
bet love

server I’m glimmer
ice wear
a sittin’ and a chuckin’

oh rent

aster in leverage
all see teeter oaf

lighting 3 teeter vintage

adorn 9 saucers

rad psi

too low


m byknotduce prmetheus bycize terlar
discal alupy spirtais
realcritkntence batihousetugown
tum inist aish hand cal
banist fied  tary hystered
abknottuducday fragspecifclude toned
bathlectary semisumargest suggest
hysfacile quanispecifclude toned
dcal deplace pled
wartaste hem frag


cruel article
hosted by ancestry
12 bottles of Golsch beer
vapid and annoying
all the justified flack
305306843 bytes
Monk without Fuze
hurtful voodoo doll
sandwiched between voices of Afghanistan
blips of notoriety
come up with the scallops
the passion of our fans

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