Sunday, January 6, 2013

poetry || Peter Ganick

unformatted version

instant night, so arouse in stumble, stairs on dark, story a you heard from rental start,
mask of ideologue (unstyle) as mitigate subconscious, out ofway, out of way out, whadda ya get? , home for sunday to tell inserted a document, aware before a nerve once
moth of mouth, stung ratio formulae, capsizes on mutate wrap like is to as whether or not strain, partial refer, stack of cadillac in chastens to remove,
cd by eliminate, soak on hintermost, to yard stinks of grade, to fertilize is sleep at law, to enact is repertory so far in one spatial remorse, calls it news & how freedom acts on leisure, with nothing tricks th stages, funny into they stop by ...

mettle so is discover, two chap aster tea skip, tax insert-a- greed, let go as whose tomorrow for future get tonsil, is hid no final all variable of stir up, show credentials ...

spell spot-changer, two isness a delve, only rant a fuse to lull, a scratch night before, is whom you list aware for carping on th toad,
heat this of rastamon, stunk to refer as parish, greet & that intext overshoe where everything pertain ...

before th pact, get two, that fears you tho multiple four, they cant sing sixths, those padded down to whom it was,
reality always to scare, only repatriate, such only one th incident serial upon decrees, was to is that,
takes th place to stay, renege on all disciple, whom they emerge sneeze & snare, hundreds ask to something,
eight hundred whom ownership, w / two therefore no sail of wind, energy, a fortress if
cooperative underscore ...

event, later than size, how much to waddle if saturday, thick to emulate cause of defend side too paucity of stick,
hurricane, no reference to which is stored uptown, a model of serenity, a hero as dualisms go function in rotation for additive,
hastens to been cord of idol in holes that engender full table, whose (gambler) liking of news they walk out to ...

let them wade upon hit to serve, whose music enslaves too, punishes th asked to move if awareness never done this to effect only that if that one knows perhaps resent if unseen then friend, a hardtack where you at grow, next item, owe something only granite houses for has tried encapsulate, borrow nature of peace whose lips inspire delicate, soak & soar they perhaps dont intersect w / x-ray vision, first hand in three years, a station saturday for thick as never foolish, th evident as what you put into it ...

said not to risk you, ride a dagger in jot of stubble this,
fade around is recognise, concept of however thought you worth itself, a four into tries a suction in if fall to be stock in tangent, vessel appropriate return, stay is metal a soap, heedless of gratitude for abstractions, ghost-like reverts stucco, halo transit by one limerick (cd be othered if less neurotic), hassle, see if, to renovate w lin encouraged, force planet, incipient partitive sunk trapped in cellars to clap in not filled now, why now friday or some enjoin yr direction is to remit & call proper, any house th deed in trust, if encircle wide heat result, a novice (stark) hears as phenomenon to invent protect or state in triplicate it marks start again to th heat put small argue, holes wait a preternatural wonder, kilter of stamina, hour of everlasting looks, can but donate think then a bargain, repro but dont repay ...

chagrin, whom whatever a sky, light likes to move has no say, everybody that relearn other go public, more hugs th strap, tone of exactitude than where all three, mysticism offer only back work to emit, cd between enjoy, heals a part ownership in talk taken add visibility (whom brogue kilter), than as destructo monster's renamings. eagle of trick, stir-fry whom & across strict, for that a commonsense then at th construe dry heart, no port in storm, hold ...

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