Monday, January 21, 2013

prose || John Pursch


EYES ONLY                                                                                            COPY ONE OF ONE

Sampling the modern American mind, we find a checkered consistency of closely defined polarity, masquerading as unity under the guise of bipartisanship. The resulting conflict limits not only discourse and thought, but perception as well, yielding the Tunnel of Vision’s full effect. Amazingly, the Tunnel now extends to all six senses; even mediums fail to escape the media, leading to the current crisis of séance doldrums.

The Tunnel further conditions society by overlaying the state-sanctioned religion’s dualistic dogma with a confounding mirror. The ultimate extension of this would be a fully synchronized political and spiritual dipole, yielding a neatly streamlined society. Much of Majic’s budget has been devoted to achieving this goal, with only occasional success, most notably in the Sixties and at the turn of the millennium. In both instances, nationwide brainwave entrainment was achieved, though the results were disastrous, from the standpoint of time control.

The Sixties Sync was particularly devastating, resulting in rampant time warpage. Before the process could be terminated, it had broken the time locks of our top three K-Series cyborgs, shifting them into parallel worlds. Although large-scale mass injection to those worlds is routinely performed at Montauk today, controlled mass reception from them is not yet possible, so our K-Series units remain unrecovered. Recloning the cyborgs is also not an option, due to denied Graylien assistance. We can, however, read the news feeds from their target timelines and follow JFK-18, RFK-26, and MLK-5 as they rise to power and lead their respective worlds; the future there is bright.

Our timeline, however, is no longer ecologically viable, due to the loss of the K-Series, the injection of Reagan-52 from a hostile world, and the backfired Millennial Sync, which spawned the simian robotoid Bush-437. Given the circumstances, maximal use of the Tunnel of Vision is absolutely essential in forestalling worldwide panic, at least until mass reception can be achieved or the global migration of our population to JFK-18’s timeline can be completed.

At first blush, the mass reception problem might seem quite tractable, since we are continually receiving mass from other worlds via quantum effects. In fact, every distinct entity, including you and me, arises from a quantized foam of innumerable arriving and departing threads. Since the resulting phenomena are random samplings of all possible timelines, we experience reality as an averaged instance. However, attempts to reverse the collapsed wave yield virtually identical histories, so specific received effects of an appreciable half-life are masked in time, and not recoverable.

Injecting mass to other worlds is much simpler, as it involves augmenting the quantum foam with additional terms, thereby changing the convergence properties of certain local time series. The beauty of this technique is that it is typically initiated by simple, concrete actions in our timeline that cause an event series here to diverge. When properly shaped, these triggers ripple the continuum, opening entry points in the target world. The most obvious examples of such triggers are political assassinations, coups, rigged elections, and wars.

Currently, large-scale war is the only feasible way of triggering the global migration of our population to a viable timeline. To justify the massive fiscal outlays necessary to maintain the required ongoing global conflicts, the Tunnel of Vision sells continual war as an unavoidable horror of modern life. Under this admittedly thin cover, millions of casualties are being migrated to JFK-18’s timeline, leaving behind the hapless victors to slave away in weapons plants and infrastructure support in the so-called First World. The race to replace this very messy migration process is Watchingstoned’s top priority, meriting virtually unlimited funding. Thus, the Tunnel’s role of shielding the masses from the true state of affairs becomes even clearer.


EYES ONLY                                                                                                                                         T-52 EXEMPT (E)

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  1. The American Mind is a death machine, but we are winning, according to poet John Pursch. That's the good news. With the help of the media, we are winning, and we will win in the end --- with the help of the global-media-arms race, swallowing its own tail. Greed is good. Winning is good. Death is good. It's all good, says that crazy poet, John Pursch! But I don't wanna die!