Saturday, January 19, 2013

poem || John Crouse


Graffiti Quaalude Misnomer, Biplane Petaluma, Imprint Cuba
Dingbat Contents Smear Conundrums Lube Scissors
Signature Hornblende Dumpster Checkerboard Blatantly
Headlights. Clipboard Warhol Genotype Gauguin Meanwhile
Collusions Cornhusk Aesthetics Protagonists Goodness
Anomaly. Counterintuitive Scavenger Metaphor Cunning
Progressive Buff, Staples Frustrate Contexts Frisbee
Shortcomings, Populist Yeats Beer. Investigation Appendix
Hope Appropriated Fairy Educational Fosters
Resurfaces. Multitude Gift, Hobbyhorse, Wane Dylan
Frankenstein Glider Counterculture Mural Paradigm Conversation 
Academy Raw Concur. Gnaw Among Addressing, Potentially 
Intricacies Plastic Tuba Graduating, Hickey Interviews Peers, Wallpaper 
Speculation Percentage, Democracy Fad.

1 comment:

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