Wednesday, January 9, 2013

prose poem || Edward Nichols


       Perpendicular allotments represent the heirophant of ithyxphallic worship.Brewing the unconditional recognition of burning flags,the register of daily intent focalized its torrent of rendevous with coherent vagaries concluding the output of somnolent virtue.Swinging vortexes ramshacle the overtures of torn ligaments vocalizing expendituye at the qualified externality of pre-ordered placentas pouring preconscous archetypes at the removal of fortitude.
         Xinoic infamies conglomerate at designated preludes, coagulating pantheism project ,massive inconsistencies on adrogyny. Prospective revitalization ensure prosaic deities,ourselves.
         Non-informative cluster expletives perform the initiated tactfulness on the proficiencies of every conceivable detail.

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