Friday, April 8, 2011

texts || Noel Cantas

extract, 1

dominant order input if impression / dilation behind arrived before totality / at the counter external directive risk

tiny emitting a sequence background / secure bypass preview turn out panel / further provided by time with emphasis

correlate assumptions before process / bisect redundant overlay transfer / obvious upper chances beyond simple

installed organized brevity periodic angle / returns negation media decision quickly / by many estuary radiating effacement

invalidate operation superstition field / surplus together with potent legend / barely begun notation expenditure spike

companion to the secondary delay induced / elevation terminal passing of mass-form / precedent terms ordinate recovery

inside involve junction creating where / inspire the moment obvious property / inquisitive pushes implicit cycle

determinate bulk inclusion assembly / attraction of undeniable employ delivery / extended measure chemical prowess

extract, 2

supported based on gradual allotropic / remote deniable adverbial stimuli / single barred other assortment

initial headcount film transaction / triple section of repetitive complex / processions dictate filial status

convey all occlusion max / ration recalling dispelled ejecta / basic lent boundary advice

limits failure of blanket proponent / summation pin altered nominated / station noeta over surface

anaphoric wear a potential sealant / detection emotive appeal essence / retains active set direction

adding imaginary control of terminal delay / ending descent into split range / sampling operations pass unity

demand leading to solely patterned / tendency end register possessive / motions trading attention spills

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