Sunday, April 17, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Maybe you get away with doing nothing by having someone mis-perceive
thus think you have acted to do something. Expressing lies in oval letters, large,
that give away that implication.Possibly this can be twisted to mean that you
will lead and some will follow. If a hollow yields the echo you believed you opened,
then all right. Some will feel they have been fooled, some will enunciate a clever
motion to adjourn (due jour). Then there will be a thread of continuity where
a mere threat had been formed. If this is you, be sure that you are known,
if not the norm, and you have given off a remedy for being situated in or near
the line no one has drawn. A raw particular amounts to random raw particulates.
One onerous intention at a time. The person of your dreams will fail to dream you.
Your rumored innocence will fray. Your animosity will not be spun to gold again.
If ever anyone would speed read your inimitable overtime, what will be?
You look out of a rubbed window to allow a cleansed scene partly of your making.
This is how you bar the rapture from occurring anywhere within you. Sacrifice yields
laudatory backlash toward romantic view. You patronize your very limelight.

Bracketed resources, chaperones on hold, the overtime not counted anymore

Sheila E. Murphy

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