Tuesday, April 26, 2011

poem || Keith Higginbotham

Emptied and Threats

the devil and who has turn into he was to finished one and let me fires
are occulted by Independence Chapped cracked hands of car

windshield wipers slips words warnings beguile not smirk the deluge
jumping from spires of evil more to say
Calcium sulfate addict will always weep.

The magician the city under start another
that is get me outta translucent
arcs of water post, security's have come and the beginning of unfair"
and "Miss longer looked after sea
like Scylla and bring this forest made to mask.

Until gone so slow toy of my childhood
Constitution of the deep blue achievement jargon
Back-mapped, scripted, catalyst

Subjective objectives that upon a pawn.
The home Wild West rules I will watch files
jail cells them Pink words like water
Doused Rain pummels roof from above

why they were my clothes like Fries,
Free Lunch is gone.
Now the woods spot me stopping the back, snack my axe and about
the pasturing so have nothing me and you Telling as the forests cigarettes
One more second bit more cleaver
The skyscraper throne dulled, straight-forward stare
Musings fed to the reach high and done buy Jane from chalk dust
Covering body
Wedged between aggressors and bloodshot.

This text at revolutionaries
Systemic perpetuation of another
splashing gleefully as on chemical burns to choose my higher
watching his sensation must chop down words
the angels come more ream of good thought I retort
but for Twizzlers and Hot when..."
Word walls and data and numbers come and gone,
just recede and continue vainly reach for rainstorms were a axe will sing the bus fare
"Life's book and must strawberry puke in do not dissipate
Chemistry to its knees
between timelines, art's freedom and gone one puddle to but smile
Greater than and modified daily my road at pack
One more box splatters
Unicorn bile and of pencils that the frosts have facts
Steadfast hope to paper clipped and rest have come here"
I teach and you
The shards of think up to expels them, pass/fail of demon's and too
Say this one all his trees
to a messy coke say to make both allow me the shit?" Oh one place I on this spot
with will never be awake from sleep.
This voyage.
"we will know throw away
Are no was the promise mountains will continue last

Sheriff's abandoned Mornings smell like neon pink
Sickly sweet axe in hand the book and lesson's drama as another dawn,
just as paper like smuggled keep
but the frost the way they the birthplace of empires.

Tumble weaves the people finally to yawn.
The Sun craving one more a moment the

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