Monday, April 25, 2011

text || Andrew Topel

from 'war'

in July jury golly glee gutsy gal fully noble able calm build grim angrily guile miles kale filming kills help kilo kilt tilted tom kelp vanished canalization nasalization alizarin learn zircon Aaron’s apron zero yarn earn picaroon heroes czarina carbon cartoon yearn zircon siren iron sermon stirring roan room of Ron’s inner linen baron zoon maroon axon validation aviation allegation laudation libation dilation legation location ideation iodine ration fiction nation dating diatom edition action caption anion agitation animation alliteration instigation animation panelizing vanishing penalizing paralyze canalizing vanillin vanishings noising laser blazing glazed blitzing spat sprite fire prints pits of rates surprise eyes prêt liking the vend vexed vicars insetting the nest in sighting riot chanced nuke of the ink capes duke exits death oath health eats itch connation plotting near set ten or feet despite the depth of the deli lid mat spit urn the strut up the crept triplet belt duster clang sassy masses headed dread-locked runoff photo goat imploding any dead dude read thud’s stop rebutted gut hebetated shatter matter sciatic hymnal retina gymnast tomcat tomato tenant yenta mynas inmate mat inapt moat gnat math meat ant fate ghetto after often coffin hopping coughing coffee fete knight hunt grunted loftier lifework faro narrow hegira arrow angry hyrax nagger dragon dagger anger strange danger pain tyro syrup gyro city gift caddy gofers tofu citric fury free knee cattery milfoil bovver deific terrific specific shudder shedder shoddier body armor eggfruit flop lifer equity asset assemble quietly hate nylon inure airy jury kelpie dopey valley roper hole copy video halved yuck trucker jejune kluge clue fewer dew drops chopping mopped up supper cusp rupture unit entry went unearth sent inert burnet entrap net entree nerd forte egret frets forty grates rich truth rhythm which roughens rye or toughens eye my reecho youth ayah juju hush ought yacht hug them hues um hub ohm huge omelet hajj gutful hyoid getup etui tea thymus thus styli thru mud thud budding thug true tub tie the sky died you yak yet your yes stresses dui up buy oil gooey juggle keg jell bolt peg his leg glow jiggle lower glom igloo glop aglow lob go slop smuggle gold wolf golf looming doom blooming gloom shout plot out the room lotus pout slot plop a lot of loot scooter shooting pot mouth down south out too bug in a tux tug gag rig fixture mixes saga gage hog caged rage high saddle aside sadden Saturn turning burnt addle batter odder sadder battle solder adding subtle soldiers sedge sidle ledge edgier deafer dude dodge shoe dough few Zen frenzy foe bight the lights tonight mighty knight ghetto might spit sprite hit white hut hate hot robot snot hat hiatus hide strut gutter rebut butter yet it too froze tug chital whitlow kite aloft light fight hit kilo pet spittle knitter idle citole kitten in Idaho chital Tylenol into nymph ankle ant banks ankhs skiff drifter shifting chef earth rich after shaft enrich every arch birth very eerie leery bee perched right jailer halo hello shako hill while whale hula-hoop kilos tickle ilk elk film ink stinker blinking think things stinging ruing rain of ruin using signs suing kings aligned & cued who’d sign the entry gently nutria entrée notary nitric bat babble concentric fatty through three ho hum um trio tries to spy hay Hyrum hurry through the eye rays blurry dew rye magi static magic noggin gin nag jigsaw gnaw ah a saw nugget thug jig enjoin ribs regal rigid reggae eagle ego ergo dad gym bet clay in vendetta indeed India dices roses disc missing mouse dissect or inject a check mark rice thistle dice risk direct threat lice dose kissing issues isles hiss sue or assess the sappy sheep leper loot stash set hue established yes us indium trendy index sleuth juice induce snide nine rode nadir dye thrice tie mode sender angst vegetal ingoted vended fudge gate try it dot for forty fries gray arty grit spore poor sport contortion aborted fifty grates haughty dingy hurdle exert hurt yogurt girdle rusty gut gust shirt gory story time angry stranger dangle night binger stingy hanger burger bang sting hunger night all right grit jar jerk humid juicy loose sonic jonick joy conic tonic join music Yurok quirk logic yak unyoke await audio gone awry butyric ruin sand dune weak waif waves of slaves wail still stale hale quick wise poke joker chin kilo phenol china hail rhino chaos cruel drool viol idle idol violent violin chain hypo real riddle howl yon lob old owl oil clock lion stilt literature lilac llano silt in Idaho silly ion limo groan lid lit coin oil polio slot plow role how now brown cow goal plop copper loci focus thrum hummer thyrsus third bird read afford the reward weed ear weld we’ll need red led beads leader bleeding end mead meet meat cleaver ahead said aced aside salad seed bashed bias casket basking fake take-over basted last stretch sketch set fugato etch fret let glitch letch get lethal leech gut pet goat poet petty piety riot ketch agent ages diet depth duet dogteeth frog digit beget breath method eighth gothic yeti vetch a veto wretched zeta zest settee getter gestate agitate genet septet accept general gateau extent resetting state resistance retreat exegete defeat petite geeks etcetera kentia light guru hound ghoul hush gushier gauche gomuti Mohawk unhook goshawk hulk sheik hunk tusk haiku chunk cook husk munch nifty infinity means more than months stunts growth crunch mini-men splendid knife ninths snuff nun nonfat tough ninja inch simple chef muffin gruffer if shaft was a bad mother oh brother where art thou chow down town fine wrench fence dine the way hey net needy neighbor nay shay weigh zither she slithers hither piney rye pity hype pie pyre jive five jaybirds line sly apple pie lime chewy hairy cherry carry mushy mustard leotard on guard edify eighty humid humans pupil juicy pumice physic aerobic phobic Buick laptop lotto slot optic option kept the captor ruptured torture pot stop piton spit knitting raptor spittoon saloon sand dune gloom enemy nominee mange hang infer monk pond expanse mansion knee knife me fee freedom need me enough foe row your boat fedora adore federal era derris dare us cadre acre aching learn karate germ maker steer mere merit inkers neural okra numeral uno nerd thirty words splurge urgent gurgle sergeant undo no onion bunions bonier bunker ankle faker Ferrari funeral take baking cankered cancers cohort concert dancer concern burned pinker joker poker encore general inquiry requirement Eskimo enter thinking sincere sinkers sneer pinch an inch kereru Nero career ear drum learn to redraw carrot cadre faders tax evasion invade Darth Vader tomb raider bag rug bug bogey dirt earth heart spurt start carting cardigan again cardinals swimming bah right bite your tongue hunger pangs blame hicks milk hiccup jay okay mink mike joy sly miry jell-o joke spark hi-jinks hijack intellect coach cloak encroach on cola coma coda Motorola leak coat coaxial cable fable unstable tables oak hack aunt arm active tactics in the attic loop hope the rope lopped slobber copper spot on lobster mobster foggy through chary hair don’t tarry carry the cherry shrew throw shoe through flute flue grew grids slid the eye lids horsy sharp harrow arrow narrowly rids arty air cry gray ray bakery Bagri agriculture vultures cry in the pigsty key rye we wax axes access axis skidoo voodoo kudos kiddies doing judo kukri skid khakis due idiot idiom kin slim trimmings kilo dye kit slitter fritting knitter prier die primo limo Yoko Ono bios I did bid on a bird amidst medium media that zipped my lip piper spied jape applied pliers prior liar rip the little nipper sipping clippers clapper gypped yipped hippie tipped big dipper mapped a moped giddy ditto gap tattoo gadoid Polaroid buddies bedim Judie adios Eddie Vedder cheddar cheese vendetta tender blender sending ideas clip like lion slip limp lisp flip olio blimp blip kiap like a cop lopped off the loop trooper

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