Friday, April 29, 2011

poem || Edward Nichols


Germ whorefare sitting at the front reverbing string theories Sufforated metallic display, see through the darkness, the beginning. Creeping in a cosmic manner. A discordant manner steeped in strained chromosome, the seepage running in it's place. Right backwards the ceiling falls forward living living in parasitic dream. Metaphysical balloon floating above the water.

Interdimensional fixation tulelage resembling the corner pocket, celestial calculating beams, so the center releases the rising energy.

Wagner-Precalcute what isn't and twasn't it? The calculable numbers of the chomatic scale was aclaimed at the musical convention. I hear the dogged sidereal of atonal attention. The grinding leaflets answer the question of nature. The shutters run paralell to the paradigm, listing, hearing, hyperperception, hypersonic, subconscioucly, symbratic embracement of tools to the higher selves.

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