Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4 texts || John M. Bennett

)) issue gas and corn )) lob boom ))
damp sp )) oon )) an dar y )) s
leep )) guessed uh )) wire pants )) y
ou mouches de )) bouche )) pues y )) o
ni comía )) enarbolaba )) the gun
)) cas )) e bola en )) la calle ))
shirtless loot pes )) tered my s ))
entience )) came an frogged )) the
)) window w )) here the tassels )) burn


... seep s and ... chokes ... light gas he
aped my ... foot soil ,juice ... gri
tty in your ... face berm ... )sp
eak s( ... dense curb fog boom ...
o ... I sh ... ot off a ... nd ...
... cra ... pped the sh ... eet s ...
ticky like ... your tooth res ... er
vation ... )che wed the ... key( ...
clo ... ser an ... clos ... er to t ...
he tail pipe ... ... ... ... it ...


)my( rusted dust flag my
)ash( lens flutters in the
)light( gripped the gas lung
)stung( cord wood danced pool
)where( gazed I your coffing )leg(
shuttered pallet burning in my )shoe(
padlock belt and shouting )dishpan(
creeper doubled where you )eye(
breathes the tumbling wallet )my(

In Tlapalli In Tlilli

ask the heap lungage for your toilet
ranger corpsid suit light lent to
fists and luffs across the parking
lot of geese shit there a hill of
sticky shopping carts .breath be
hind the dumpster and a corncob
bright with glue a seeming puddle a
yellow light a blackened board st
reeked with red or read .ah my
,polenta streaming from my ear I
sleep and plunge the oiling creeps
around a page my torpid flute
blurbling in the darker alley

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