Saturday, April 23, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

Upper Neck

fondle the laundry while brimming
fondle the doorknob while spinning
fondle the ash while knowing
fondle the towel while sleeping
fondle the brick while counting
fondle the deck while growling


blot suit or dog my shirt
mount lung or dog my aim
blunt gnat or dog my key
fog ripple or dog my lung
rut lisp or dog my shadow
pile sock or dog my spit

The Itching Fog

bring my cord a hamster
slug my shirt a hamster
file my eye a hamster
snore my crotch a hamster
aim my drink a hamster
shoot my tooth a hamster

The Fortress

horse and hick while stopping
lick and hick while beaming
tock and hick while drowning
mute and hick while sheeting
gum and hick while burning
nod and hick while grinning


bink an blink the coatrack
cog an comb the sandbox
shim an shine the foghorn
fake an fire the voicebox
vent an vile the plunger
pack an puke the bumblebee

Dog Light

sot happy and a motor
jack happy and a stuffer
shirt happy and a comb
bog happy and a suffix
slack happy and a heel
caw happy and a smoke

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