Friday, April 22, 2011

poems || Vernon Frazer

Flashback Memory

Tough to beat
on a corona sled, the shadow
play a foregone distance

emptied. Past vacuums surface.
The girth of brittle isotopes configures

a stretched face
turning after ancient shards
to recast

radio amulet discharge placement

where heat weathers
turbines that spin pontoon nostalgia,

withering memory rotors
roughened under the deadening pace
to a moving instant: gone

Trinkling Toward a Twilight

an aching
pendant lingered past the sun

a random number slowly chosen

when shaking matter
relies exclusively on digital

spoken through twining nails

a solace seeking its elsewhere
foundation birth or founder shell
a riff on rifting granite

depends on
breaking the debt to the fingered pulse

Written in Stone

the barrier rose a frugal mist
in turns against the bloodline shore
its sequestered undertow

a churn toward memory
fixed as granite’s flow ebbing
a slow repose its yearning

listless memoirs unwritten
flap white banners across the sky
foreboding couriers on course

with collision its time carrier
broken open as a telling dial circles
twelve limits of its grim perimeter

rapping knuckles on the wind

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