Tuesday, April 26, 2011

poem || Peter Ganick

from 'It's Only Po-E-Try And I Like It'

as graded thisness
once apparent toccata
compulsion terra
firma the nostrum
parallax-frozen at rue du chasm,

the cigna
optionalization menace of
site ciel du soin
thiamine woofer
abatement where
sty integers noted alcemical
vascularity epsilon the
hostages reinforce tenderfoot
blast intense nth circulatory vessel.
timidly aprille those baking
eras othmar,

vritti in salaam
tachyon’s empathy sleeveless,

intent aromatic elevatorial
borers intersection’s alertly aprille
those suctioning laertes
then root taurine alternatives,

tiller cogent integrative
melancholy papyrus
estrange docility broken earth

en route the opacity
[planetary cardamom]

test mouth ravine
oppressive loot nova rebus
collectivity akarmic,

an impossible animation
flurries theatrical bituminousity
there iseult in daphnis
deterrent guru
saline rare aromatic

levitation excellentation
merging mercy those predator,

noesis battened.

skirmish at scrimmage,

no rebus precariously omnibus
that signature’s evidence
noteworthy alert initial mp3
nuptial varsity occasion tote
alright nutshell

teardrops butane signatures
elixir from method
isness as pallor tariff clouded
integral spot hammering
alienation slackly obese
there sigh evincing tectonic
early night those

recalling cerulean the
dander polity eachness once
the strings of persistence
non-agent density as
foible thorough einsam,

there instrumental
occasion nibbling.

gallows thought inertia
leicester psalmist ovation
reiki kudos
therein alfredo thematic
syllogistic laughter
otherwise curious there

flinging streetwise notices
there there language
resist energic literal network
bolt in hammock utterance
whose utterances,

the fabulousity
more memento tariff
racheting edit motions
whereas fulsome regrouping
each notatione
arhoolie silica degree
in attitude genovese governance,

stubby hammertoe airport
lavish those prehensilar botega
iterative where
silence nowhere invented.
is as in theory to locate
nth signature each orgueil
tampered where inverting
ceilings of deposed motions,

candor either each isles
to rehearse a nottingham
bristle rem sleep ram speed,

nth holiday nil crocus
avails coherence thatness
once shallow terrific tenement,

a so various than
tossing congregating
through across termite latte,

stunt otherwise
already notification where
schemed unroll bagatelle
[nounal chrysalis depending.]

so argot inward term
offering counterfeit treatments,

in centuries’
thematic libertine signatory
to is muscle
that tiens notification
salvo that siren
liaison brilliantine
ach ein sample intensity
epater les boutiques thoroughly
ontologically apex of for
wandering silently
somatic embryo.

barnacle throes nth vatic
edam itness were thesis
seen altima tendencies those
surplus excesses,

than sign sigh
signaling where dweller
lineates an environment
paper-trail mob
moon song itness
where stymies nutshell
of proem toast occasionally

leicester parliament
portmanteau iridescence
pristine vacation melody.

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