Tuesday, April 26, 2011

poems || Vernon Frazer

Lasting the Laugh

Cheese-laundering epithet ladles
scream barker's tush. Insomnia pellets
on the four-ply footage denounce

cataleptic mortgage rates, expect
mispronounced baggage cart schisms
to predict a flurried glory that pleases

centurion banners of empires past.
Archaic phrasing in the moment:
time recesses its playground constraint

until class distinctions progress,
a mean regression. A leaking grotto
seeks a known genuflection, its patter

a rather substantial vagary rephrased.
With lantern button capsules bearing
water, no gunwale left to reflect on

surface matters, none so much as
concrete ladles. Wandering thumbnails
hatch before the rise of yeast cakes:

a newly prescient vision, jodhpurs
a tact against leverage cleavers overall,
maintenance-free cackling aside.

A Place of One’s Owning

Radio clippings barter the low cascade.
A centrifuge leaks pandemonium faucets
in mottled currency, urgent parallels cleft
as shown. The temblor brackets read
the floor’s vibrato cache under headlines
left to quell the urge for renewal.
Where vacant seats its overload,
a carrion tractor slipping past elastic
memories shipped the bottled martyrs
left to pledge. The ruminant oasis
flipped legends clipped as shadow mirage
on back order. Appliance as rectitude magic
unadorned or pasted as mentor glue to
lower facets afforded explication.
Their plangent sweeps prolonging underdone
infusion, plasters where diadems sleek their
slow fascination, near a shadowed ambuscade
shipping radial chart meetings. Huge as
emblematic coruscation packets darting
dead urges to toboggan souffle, poseurs
who distance head shredders from tumorous
avocations rip cartilage ballads from the shaking
numbers at flay in the peals of the board.
Anomalies lipping faster cackles clear to
starter tomes, grip readers by the home
cudgels near tracking levers that cleave
serpentine urges from pleasured flesh crones.
Verging, medically approved saturation pits
urge diagnostic threaders, eye-point needles
through varicose paternity. A lavish spread
eagled outward to semblance leaders
packeting the fabric called home to place
fireside crackles alongside amusements
parked in the neighboring pit. Ferret hues
come unglued at the stammer. Whistles in the night
forebode the telling murmur, a half-sea dread
regal as the perch of bottled urgency whose
natal settings cast in a single stanza left to graze
the stagnant meat of its heart-felt emporium.

Conviction Currents

institutional hot sauce reckoning
grenadines hopscotch nettles
at the forefront rampaging sonata hats
akimbo or double-diced offware
pension for uplift seeking a madrigal key
marking acrostic memory stitches
pecked against a sidelong zeitgeist
ranchero deluxe its garnished fervor
embargo stuffing clatters the mildew
ointment assures a polish as dawn
encroaches the medium spittle mat
shattered oblong grating conundrum
after mast polish inures the dated
regimen its sought-for outburst
against an obsolescent totem urn
martial carts flip under bottle flays
a coarse admixture in mid-chorus
reclaims scattered mañana sculptors
ingenue ventricular rerun habits
a coastal lingerie in galley pursuit
bending caribou nostrums to force
the hitching trine to angular caster
a reflection’s eye turned fixture din
tying felt to limbo swizzle tricksters
guiding the putt-line shift hiding
mantra shifts against the wind

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