Thursday, April 21, 2011

texts || John M. Bennett


stunning hamster lit the cr
awling-group my ash asp st
uttered past my backside you
were seated .finger gun t
aste of ,cushions mildewed in
my sleep a tongue fog issued in
the linted air .snore the page ,fil
e the whistle like a spi
tty cloud grasping from the
lake my cloud craw paw my
crowded fangs renamed like
beach .my running glands my
writ stalled my loop and sl
ashing gasp’s lumbered faster
than my cracking hide or
whirring meat


capped my storm gland puzzled
fungus in your throat I spoke the
smoking center where the sand
drifts off the sentence
rises from seven stacked temples
lunch and lumination ,corn and bone
,I left the city shimmered in my
grime the looser tongue now fo
cussed in the streaming zócalo sin
rascacielos ni city hall the
lake is boiling beneath my feet
.the sodden shoe the headless
mayor the street between my
eyes curves back a field of
bodies turning over in the
greenish mud the cap blew
off my hair or history rained
back and saw again

Raw Time

in my jumping throat crisp in
my clogging fire shorts in my
lunging hash lung in my porous
groan tube in my plodding neck
sump in my gripped sleeve air
in my shod dump luster in
my spatter cloud sleep in my
dung lake roller in my soggy
moon flake in my intrepid sot
thought in my dogged doll rent
in my fragrant shorts wind in my

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