Monday, April 11, 2011

text || Edward Nichols

Synthetic texture

Key to the eulogy of the Kingjasmine.

Delotorious showdown guarantees demonstratively.

Tudor forthright demonstrating ,determinism.

Jimson weed weed in the Garden loophole ,

into the loophle blurring right and wrong.

Dexterity understatement miasmic.

Evolving life forms ttooling toiling through the Earth.


Formulative returns on a used postage stamp.

Totally togather by the the J.uxtapositional U.nified N.umerological

Laying forthrighright in a tisket a tasket ared and yellow casket.

Divination for glows demonsrative fatalism-Mallarme.

Every poem is explosive with a pen as a fuse.


Regenerative going water jaded colourful fire stormskeeping your geophysics alone, like me.

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Formative fighting healthily. luceferianism, so much I Helioplex gigantic threadbare union Hellion, holistically unitied filter sailing to through the sartre.

Hell-o jumping from the pot into the frying pan. Lady Space the Directorate attended an tea party ususally tribal innuendos heal the nagging dowbts definitive. Forthright returns define anomaly urgently

Colorful Doorknobs Ka-Put he rigteous cosmics oomic new formed thesis embolden by t.

Kaleidoscope displa distortedvie.

Colorful doorknow distorted Kaleiladiascopope.

Whom fires disposal repertoire.

Glad srones barking at the grass.

The wallet phenomenalistically.

Made up prophecies delighted at the out come.

Surrounding jalopy usuroers of the avant-garde.I

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