Friday, April 29, 2011

poems || Peter Ganick

two orchestral syrinxes

prerogerative with affect—
motion serves displacement whose foil
terms ossia that scrutiny
zoned and syllogistic.

another silence issued and tabled
while adored skeletons
brush the painterly code—
an indication where suitable
resists not clouds—
nor a toehold on
devolution’s moves—frailty exposed.

an offering so nattered
in sequence
residual proliferation enrolls
not redundant therefore
not equisse-blinded.

offerings of earliest gratefulness
once othered curates divine
some remainder to frames
so surplus exploits
thoughtfulness in momentum—
so accrual pretends waiting replicators—
vanishing points—emotional cranberries—
the occasion of arrears
tolerably culpable.

then suddenly an onrush threads
wide and cursory a tread impounded to
resilient notions marooning voices whose
holidays fell thensome as replacement
until vulnerability
recuses voices in their scouting.

multiples proliferate—
an inquiry threads a theory
for palms’ adaptable wizardry—

flocks at nighttime returnees determine
trends where bullet-proof
are summary distancings.

with broken openings—
fluster in no attitude
an orgeuil threads waiting rooms
from the sky
courting its priorities so well.

empty accouterments wait on
evening samples—
descriptions wash away seashores
lines for demarcation
pre or post what-have-you
collating those torrentous
settlements without wasted motions—
no palatial three and fours—
no longer—
intent reflective
of premises’ greeting.

a swamp trills in thrall
steering waters overboard—
the incurably keystone—
tolerable for togetherness—
wake to surmount inventions
suppressive or academic.

when situated
in nomine patris—
where sorties
variegate from amazement
not happenstances—
those recumbent wash
oversight to promontories vagaries—
preludes of a notocord—
each specimen deaf to greeting—
skills of shards parallel other
axles—their gradients
flail echo-free.

these issues cause no
intransigence—witlessly parochial
correction widely summarizes
front mottos—

a glitter of reflection on pretense
aside a river becalmed—
a sprocket ‘s returnable contention—
sooth variegated amulets
witness either silica or
surplus exegetes—

‘motions, all motions!’ stammered the flock
from a pro tem ivory of choice—
networking treads deftly on curtailment
befriending notions recasted so narrow—
switching to changeless possibilities.

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