Sunday, April 24, 2011

poems || Vernon Frazer

Dangerous Crossing

Parallel non sequiturs
shed the flood through the parking lot.

Varicose mending ventures appended,
vintage bedding renewed the coastal parvenu
dicta vented, nothing gained predicted.

Starting geometric
departure, a pain of veiled suture parlance:

cross lines rend fury latches.

Where they meet
either occurs or does not
under the cost

of pendant blood
following the script past narrowed horizon

A mate of visions, pursued
or perused,

led the bloody crossing: renewal
as occidental cleavage bottoms
to bundle the gathered rest

In cord or fire
the avenue crossed their timid blink

Unsettled Music

Impetigo sunset cradles
harbinger’s delay. The slow
Rialto tuning stays wet longer.
The decay pitches forward,
a sonic relay caroming toward

yet. Another cavalcade,
stronger than any orbital
impedance on the forecard,
grooms an aftermath’s disarray.
The fingers toward fatigue
woes below sunset rising.
The end is near

the corner hatch. There,
the prophetic mourners play
moonrise sonatas that echo
behind the wall of a feral
ligature slowly tied to fugue
statements calling to restore
the oral template saga.

Hearing chromatic temples
chants where murmurs linger.
Canonical rapture etudes
the clearing. Its haste replays
the dawning pace of somatic unrest.

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